this camp rocks

Alrighty. Grab yourself a juicebox and listen to how good September 2nd was. *Doesn’t actually remember what happened* *inserts 60 pictures*. 60. Oh and 4 videos.

So we wake up on a campsite that was pretty breathtaking but not the reason for this blog posts title. We are surrounded by giant green mountains that glow in the sunshine. That’s right. Sunshine! That was the campsite I took my first hot shower of the trip which was the actual best thing ever after freezing for 2 days. I was in the best mood afterwards and had breakfast in just 2 layers. Because we were in Vík already but hadn’t seen anything yet the trip to our next stops was short. We drove up to the church- kirkja that you could already see from the camp. I did look like a freak show and probably ruined a few tourist’s pictures. I apologise. The church and graveyard were good defenitely go visit, the view from up there is incredible so it took us a good while to take pictures from every possible angle. But that’s the good thing about roadtrips you’re an even free-er person than normally. Afterwards we drove down towards the black beach that we already saw from the church. Further back in the sea there’s a rock formation called Reynisdrangar that’ll be your best friend and model, photo shoot wise. Or in my case, unwillingly, it was the Belgian guy who walked right into every shot I took.

When I felt like I got some good shots without him in it we went on to climbing rocks that lead into the sea to a waterblow. Please go all the way to the back it’s really cool! When I turned around the Belgian guy was gone but I received a message saying he went to take a parking shower. Not knowing what to expect I followed the first clue and walked back to the car. What do I see? Him, literally taking a shower in the parking lot aka pouring cold water from a bottle onto his head.

We didn’t really know what else that day but the Belgian guy had found a little walk up to a waterfall close by so that’s where we were headed. Name: Systrastapi. We were the only people in the parking lot which was a nice surprise but you could see the sky turning more and more grey which wasn’t as nice. By the time we were half way to the waterfall it started raining but it stopped just as quickly. So we decided to hike on a little.firther behind the waterfall. The waterfall itself wasn’t the best in the world and if you’re lazy af you don’t have to go see that one but the landscape is really beautiful and I mean that place was haunted for sure. There are a good and a bad nun hurried here somewhere. On the good nun’s grave grow flowers on the other one’s not so much.

We then put the next campsite into Google maps which was called Skaftafell camping and is the reason for this blog post’s title. You’ll see.

We hadn’t had anything else planned for that day and that is the best because you get surprised on the road. And Iceland is really good at surprises. We came to a full stop to see a tiny waterfall in horseshoe formation that wasn’t actually that tiny. At that point I had my location turned on 24/7 So my phone tell me where I took the picture. It now says þjóđvegur, Iceland which is the road that goes all the way around the country so that’s basically no help. Nevermind! I judged to quickly. Here.

Screenshot_20180908-065839_GalleryPoint 12.

The rest of the way we timelapsed which looks really cool now. I will post it and then delete from my phone cause storage is holy. Arriving at the campsite we could not believe our ice. There were snowy mountains in the back and the sun was setting beautifully. We parked the car so that we would see snow when we woke up and could cook with a beautiful backdrop. After dinner at 8 pm we decided to go on a little sunset hike to a waterfall up in the hills. I was speechless. Still kinda am.


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