do go chasing waterfalls

It has gotten to the point of confusion that I have to add pictures first so that I can then tell you all the very interesting stories. So day 2. Well, the night from day 1 to day 2 to be exact. I wake up in the middle of the night wrapped up in my sleeping bag and 2 layers of clothes. BIG mistake. I learned that night that you heed at least 3 sweaters (preferably with hoods), 2 pairs of pants, a scarf and 2 pairs of wool socks. I woke up freezing, literally thinking I was going to die and I couldn’t feel my foot. I’m not even being dramatic. Please wear a ton of layers if you’re planning on camping in a country that has ice in its name. I eventually went back to sleep about an hour later and woke up again with the Belgian guy tossing and turning. He said he didn’t freeze. He slept in one layer. One.

The day started with us washing the dirty dishes from dinner the night before and then preparing breakfast. I had what turned out to be my go to: incredibly delicious muesli from bonus with almond milk and an instant coffee. (Anyone remember me in the Brighton days with ma instant coffees all day every day?)

We arrived at the first stop of the day at half 8! The first 2 days were basically the golden circle with our own little twist to it. We first drove to the gulfoss waterfall and because it was early there were only 2 other Asian people there. I really liked the waterfall and we were completely drenched with water dripping down our clothes when we walked back to the car. It was loads of fun tho and I took some cool rainbow pictures!

I think I will edit some non diary posts about Iceland when I’m back at home which is in 2 days *cry*. Uhh! Maybe I’ll do it when I’m in my new flat. Btw I kept making sure to take the picture landscape style (is that a thing?) so it’ll look better on da blog. I’m such a blogger. U r welcome.

Anyways. Next up was the geysir. It’s basically a hole in the ground that spits up hot water every few minutes. I got some pretty cool shots. There are tiny little rivers around the geysir with signs on them saying 80-100 degrees (in Fahrenheit it’s the temperature that water boils at) so we obviously had to touch it. It was cold.

At noon we were on our way to the next stop on the itinerary which was another waterfall. Be ready for many foss pictures coming your way those waterfalls are everywhere. The next one was called Seljalandsfoss and it’s the one you can walk behind. There were so many people there which was a bit annoying but the waterfall itself was impressive. Definitely bring a rain coat because you will get soaked. What do you expect tho, walking behind a waterfall. The Seljalandsfoss is not the best thing expecting you when you get onto that parking lot. The bathrooms aren’t either btw they were disgusting. But I was living on the road you know (šŸ˜Ž) if you gotta pee you gotta pee. The best thing is the other waterfall a couple of meters left. I preferred that one because you got some adventure right with it. You had to balance on little rocks in the water and basically walk through a canyon to get to it. Not as many people were there either which was nice.

The weather wasn’t the best anyway (thx bob) so me being soaking wet and cold rain wasn’t the best combination. Think the Belgian guy felt the same so we headed to a natural hot tub I just forgot the name of. You have to hike to get there and it’s a pool in the middle of the mountains. Let me see if that description is enough for google. Oi I just remembered thatĀ Paige WunderĀ wrote a blog post on that pool. Hold on. … we headed to a natural hot tub calledĀ Seljavallalaug. Sadly, I lost.all body positivity and confidence when we parked the car so I left my bathing suit in the car and just enjoyed the walk there. It was really fun I like “challenging” walks lime that. You had to cross water and climb up little.hills and o m g that landscape! While he was warming up in some steaming water I was warming up climbing the surrounding area and taking some sick photos. I climbed along a little stream enjoying the silence and breathing in the fresh air as deeply as possible. When we made our way to the next campsite we had to.stop the car because the sun just lit up the green, gigantic mountains perfectly and it looked incredible. For dinner we had some mac n cheese kinda pasta and chips (crisps *lisp*) as desert. And that was September 1st.

woke up to this view


Climb next to the hot spring


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