pönksafn íslands

I fell asleep at like 2am after eating the rest of the tortellini my mom had as her dinner. Woke up a few times during the night (obvs) But somehow managed to officially get up at 10am. My mom had to leave for work at 9:30 so I got up turned on some music and made breakfast. Haven’t eaten that much for a single meal in a long time. I had toast and coffee and muesli and biscuits. When I was in bed I created the perfect route to discover the city. First thing that wasn’t on the list and made me 1000 kronas less rich was a punk museum. No ragrets tho it was really cool. It used to be a public toilet and this guy with green hair and black boots remodeled it to now tell the story of icelandic punk rock.

Afterwards I basically just walked up the street with all the shops until.I reached the church. It was raining and so cold that I could barely type on my phone. So after reaching the last destination on my little tour I went back to the apartement to make lunch. Wasn’t even hungry really but I was so cold. Oh pro tip from, well me: bring a thermosbottle thing put warm water in it and then head out into the icelandic weather. You’re welcome.

Had biscuits and chips and bread and tea and Haribo for lunch. V healthy. I don’t know why I couldn’t stop eating. I then watched a movie called young adult which pretty much sucked. Then I turned to YouTube and watched some dolantwin video which actually made me laugh.

When my mom got back at 5:30 we headed back outside again. I added another layer to my outfit and we went back up the street. I bought a patch for my backpack and we went a letter from Santa to my sister. I’m exited to see whether or not it gets there on the 24th!

For dinner we had pizza rolls, carrots and tortellini! Very yum. And for dessert skyr. Very very yum.

The roadtrip starts today.





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