ice ice baby

I’m just going not this down into ma notes while the emotions are still fresh and I’m still annoyed. So. Listen. I basically have a plan B for every single form of transport I’m using to get to Iceland today. Except for the one bus that’s supposed to get me from my house to the train station. Well guess what. That exact bus didn’t come today so I stand there waiting at the bus stop for 30 minutes getting more and more stressed out. So I finally make the decision to walk to the next bus stop, where another bus is supposed to come, with those 25 pounds on my back and my fjallraven bouncing up against my chin in the front. If that bus is in time and there are no red lights it takes 18 minutes to the station which would give me 13 minutes (instead of my plan A 50 minutes) to get on that train. Every minute passing my “stressed-out moves” become more intense. You know like checking the phone every minute to every 10 seconds, going through your hair, nervously wandering up and down the sidewalk. With 2 minutes delay the other bus finally arrives but we obviously catch every single red light there is. The train leaves at 4:55. I get to the station’s bus stop at 4:45. I can’t run because my body hurts from going to the gym and I weigh about 40 pounds more. So I combined walking the fastest I could, trying to keep all for straps on my shoulders and trying not to run into other people to get to the platform as quickly as possible. And that was only 1/5 of all transports I’m using today.
I now am on the train which surprisingly was not delayed one bit (that can literally change every second within the next 2 hours) and on my way to Bremen central station where I have to change into a strasenbahn to get me to the airport. Gonna watch gossip girl now. bye.
Alrighty made it to the airport without any problems. I’m now waiting confront of the closed check in counters and I have no idea when they are going to open. There are a few other people with bags like mine here. Boarding starts in less than 90 minutes and I still have all my luggage. I’m très confused. Gossip girl annoys me already and I’ve watched 1 episode. There’s so much drama. Like I have my own problems (not really life’s pretty damn fantastic atm) And then everyone just fucks everyone and bitches. I’m sorry about swearing how else are we supposed to describe the van der woodsen and co.’s behaviour?

In these posts now will only be phone pictures and then when I’m home there are gonna be epic diary free posts!!

I’m checked in and got a window seat. Very exited! I’m through security and can see the plane from my seat. Very very exited!



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