Slept for 7 and a half hours today!!! I got up at 8, went downstairs and made some breakfast. Had porridge, pear and cinnamon whilst watching prison break. Not a big fan of the second season. This fbi man stresses me the hell out. Then my mom called and I added my sister to the call so the whole fam was on the phone. Technology is kinda crazy.

At 12 I went to the gym. Was on a cross trainer for 2 hours. New best. Burned 1004 calories. Which is why I had 2 slices of cake and a big cup of warm milk tonight. Didn’t have lunch cause I replaced that with a 2 hour nap until dinner time. Had a bread roll, an avo, 3 scrambled eggs and cheese for dinner.

Finished watching this love letter movie on Netflix just now. I relate. I’m basically Lara Jean. But without the most beautiful good looking guy by my side.

Tomorrow is my second to last work day. Woop woop.

Challenge: how many pictures of the sky can I use as featured image?





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