pizza oven, keys and to dip or not to dip

She barely made it into the 20’s and she’s signing contracts. Yes that’s right. I SIGNED THE CONTRACT FOR MY APARTMENT YESTERDAY! And I found out that if you turn left when you leave the house there are pubs, if you turn right there’s water and nature and beauty. Love it.

Next on the itenary after getting handed the keys with a big celebratory handshake (and some money) was ikea.

We took my dad’s car the I call ship because, well, it looks like a ship and could fit *google’s tallest person in the world* Sultan Kösen in the back.

We get to ikea and we’re hungry. And there are very few places in the world where I would rather be hungry at. So I got meluzze or something and my dad got köttbullar obvs. After that we were ready to go. 4 (4!!) Four hours later we have gigantonourmous cards filled with everything you could possibly think of. But no bed. I do have 2 mattresses tho.

Next stop was poco. It’s kinda like ikea but cheaper (yes that’s possible) a lot less professional and a lot leas crowded. I got a little kitchen cart, a pizza oven, a bin and a bar you can hang stuff in the kitchen.

The bar came without the mounting things and any hooks really, so there is no hanging anything. Safe to say that that’s going back.

The boot and also the trunk and the kofferraum were packed to the ceiling and then I realized that all that- had to be carried to the 3rd floor and that it had to be done by a man who doesn’t lift and a girl who can lift 10 kilos max. We got it done with many breaks and “I caaan’ts”. My dad is surprisingly strong?We even started building furniture and I’ve got one chair, a shoe shelf that goes under the sink and the kitchen cart.

I’m so happy with my tiny lil room.

At 8 we were done and ready to go home. We headed into the most beaufiful sunset and I invited my dad to a nice McDonald’s next to the highway on the way home. Now my question:

Do you dip your fries in vanilla milkshake??


Please let me know, my dad thinks it’s disgusting.

We were home by 10, I slept by 11. And there we have 7 hours and 40 minutes of sleep. Woohoo.

My mom arrived in Iceland yesterday and the pictures she’s sending are making me very exited.

da view




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