the morning after

my  birthday I didn’t wake up at 5 as usual. Noo that would have been nice. Today I woke up at 3:55. I have been scrolling Pinterest for apartment inspo for 30 minutes now.

It’s 10pm now. I went to work there was nothing to do so it was soo fun. And we had a 30 minute paid break so we sat outaide in the sunshine. Good times we all get along so well. For lunch I had cake (obviously?). Then I started packing boxes because tomorrow I’m getting the keys for my apartement and I’m going to ikea and to THE BIGGEST FLEAMARKET IN EUROPE that just hapoens to take place in Leipzig every single month!!!

It rained for the first time in what feels like 3 months today. It was very chill in the warehouse and some of my faves were there.

In the evening we put all the boxes and furniture into the car and then headed to the Italian restaurant in town. I had a salad. Yes I’m lane but listen. The dressing is the best thing that exist in this world. It is to die for. That’s it. Tomorrow there will be more to tell and more pictures.

My friend took those ⬆️ pictures and I will print them and hang them around the apartment cause they’re beaut. @jeremymoeller


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