two decades

It’s my birthday today!!! 🎂 I’m not a teenager anymore?! I was gonna be like I don’t think there’s anything different and that I feel the same and then I realized I’m not a teenager anymore. 30 year old me is 10 years from now! Hey how’s it going?

Life’s pretty great right now.

I’ve got some real good friends, the uni I really wanted to go to accepted me, I got the first apartmentI viewed, I can finally talk to boys without being awkward, my parents are nice, I had the best gap year, I’m healthy (body and nutrition wise- ear not so much), I figured out that I can be alone without being lonely, I’m doing good with liking my body, I have a ton of stories to tell, I’m fairly confident, I love travelling and adventure, had some horrible experiences and been through some deep shit, but I’m good and I know everyone says so and you never believe it but everything is gonna be fine.

Here’s to the next 20 I’m exited to see what’s going to happen and what stories I’ll be telling then. The best part is I get to experience it all first hand. The first 20 were da if I do say so myself.

I’m working from 9-3 again today and I’m still thinking about whether I should bring candy or not. Is it gonna be like IT’S MA BIRFDAY CONGRATULATE ME! Or like hey it’s my birthday here’s a gummibear.

I was gonna do something with the couple today but idk if that’s going to happen. I’m happy staying home and scrolling ikea a bit more too tho. In 2 days I’m signing the contract for the apartment and I’m soo exited. Oh it’s 5:50 am btw and I have been up for an hour. Don’t know why I can never sleep but at least I fell asleep at 11.

Went downstairs at 7:30 and my mom came through the door with an awesome cake. 2 layers. 1st layer is chocolate second layer is blueberry. All coated in chocolate. Delicieux. After blowing out all the candles in one, I got to open presents. I got letters from my family, a swell bottle, a book called the why are you here café and a new phone case. Then I got ready for work. It was good, I brought chocolate and we were in a good mood. After that my mom picked me up, I brought home moving boxes, we tested if the bike I have is good enough for student lyf. It is. We ate more cake. Then I went to the gym, to a restaurant with the couple and now I’m home in bed. The Spanish guy didn’t congratulate me. Good. Gonna sleep now. Good birthday. 19 has been the best one so far. 20180823_153151Screenshot_20180823-085344_Instagram20180823_07282720180823_18090520180823_162724


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