kill the spider

Saturday, my last day in Barcelona. 11/08/2018.

We got up around 9 again, choosing to go out for breakfast again. This time we paid around 2 euros for a breakfast that didn’t make us feel sick, was delicious and in a cute little cafe called greta. We had a coffee and croissant. A good start to the day.

After breakfast we walked back home and changed into our bikinis. At around 11am we were at the beach. I hadn’t been in the sea for literal years and for the first time I was really exited to be there. We put down our stuff. Amaia came with rollerblades. She sure looked cool with them on! I put sunscreen everywhere except for one place. Guess what color my ass is. #whitestgirlinspain.

At 2pm we went back to the house because her mom had cooked a spanish meal and we weren’t gonna miss that! We helped as much as we could like cutting the melon lol. Thanks Amaia for throwing the knive at me and almost cutting off my toe. We had green asparagus, calamare (the good one without tinto and with breadcrumbs) (squeeze some lemon on it- delicioso), melon with ham, salad and homemade TORTILLA DE PATATAS (of course). Didn’t take a picture cause I’m not rude but it was absolutely delicious. For dessert we got icecream. Perfect lunch.

Later we took the train into the center again because you can’t go to Barcelona without visiting the Sagrada família. We didn’t have tickets cause you have to get them in advance and frankly, I didn’t wanna spend my afternoon queueing. So we took some pictures from the outside and I mean it sure is cool and you can see the progress they’re making but like… wasn’t toooo overwhelmed. I liked the front tho like the really old part. We found a little market and at one stall we finally gt our bracelets. Got one for the belgian guy too. We are just so nice.

Oh and I forgot to mention that yesterday after the fountain we went to a beach bar and got mojitos for 10 bucks each. We had lots of fun tho so I guess that kinda makes it okay. We wrote a letter to the belgian guy which I will give him in iceland. Very exited to see his reaction bc I think I’ve never been nicer. So now we got cheese, a letter and a bracelet. We are just the bestest friends he’s ever had.

We walked around a barrio called gracia, which is my favorite one. Like cool shops and people and very brighton like. We went into a couple of shops bc it said rebajas/ rebaixes in the window. Amaia showed me some more cool houses one of which was called Casa de les Punxes aka house of spikes. Looked really cool. As we turned the corner we found a cute coffee place under some trees in the shade so we stayed there for a while. It was called Matalaranya which means kill the spider which I think might just be the best name to call a cafe. We also met some guys from California who are travelling Europe at the moment. Going to Ibiza tomorrow.

Afterwards we went into a cute little bookshop and I took pictures of all the books I will be buying. That bookshop was also the place Amaia and I realized how similar we are. Just look at the picture we unknowingly took of eachother. And we also liked the same book- just in different languages! what?

In the evening we ended up at placa de catalunya and walked down la rambla. In other words: we walked from bershka to fnac to brady melville and spent some money. At 8:30 I remembered that we had to buy stuff like colacoa which is cocoa powder I had in Brighton (#thxspanishguy), ham and fuet so we went to a store called dia and got everything. After the most random food shop we went to a restaurant called Cuines Santa Caterina which was crazy expensive, with tiny portions but delicious I guess. We sat outside tho and had a good time so it’s alright. I had fried egg on chorizo and fried potatoes:

130 Huevos, patatas fritas y chistorra 11,1

We also got beers at Dia which we later enjoyed at the beach. The plan was to go into the sea again but when we got there there were still so many people (some with metal detectors?) that we just said on my sarong enjoyed the music, sound of poeple laughing and the waves and had the deepest chats imaginable. Never been that hinest in my life. It was incredible and we just kept realising how similar we are. From how we imagine our future to relationships to I don’t even know. When we got tired we walked back to the house and went to bed. I never thought I could enjoy 3 days in Barcelona that much. I had the best time and want to go back as soon as possible. Thank you Amaia for everything.

The next morning we got up at 7 because I had to get the bus to the airport. Saying goodbye and leaving always sucks especially after great time like this. I got to the airport and went straight through security. The security held back my bag and then asked if there was food in there. I was a little nervous cause I didn’t know if you could smuggle ham and cocoa across countries. You could. I went to a restaurant payed way too much for food again and had my very last tortilla de patatas, a coffee and chocolate croissant. 12 hours later my dad picked me up from the trainstation and I was home. On Monday I had to work and it has been raining every day since I go back.

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