tortilla de patatas

aka my new favorite food. From the top people from the top. So I wake up at 7am in the morning which is probably like 4am for Spanish people so I went on my phone and scrolled pinterest for breakfast places. Went back to sleep and woke up again at 9. I found 2 cafes that sounded good one of them called brunch and cake which wasn’t too far. It didn’t say prices tho. We got there and there was not a single person speaking Spanish it was so touristy. Some Germans as well (yei-not)

I got the carrot cake porridge cause that’s basically my 2 favourite things combined into one breakfast. It doesn’t get much better than that. Amaia ordered the pancakes that had so much fruit on it you couldn’t see them and we got an acai bowl to share cause we wanted to try it. Oh and coffee! We ended up spending 30 euros and only got through half of it all. I mean if you’re a blogger (like me) you gotta go for the insta on fleek or whatever the cool kids nowadays say. But I would never go again. We were so full we could barely move and the plan was to go rent bikes later and a food baby is no good. At 11 we payed and got the hell out of there. Amaia has one of those bicing cards you can rent a bike with which might just be the most useful thing I’ve ever experienced. Those bikes are at every corner and made it so much more fun to get places. We went from the breakfast place, through tiny streets, across many plaças and along the beach. May have been one of my favorite Friday’s ever. After our tour we went to the grocery store because later we met with one of Amaia’s friends at the park next to the central station and the zoo. So we bought stuff for sandwiches and some cheese for the Belgian guy cause he likes cheese and the cheese is famous and so good. We got baguettes, cheese and ham. I was a horrible vegetarian. Reason: I was no vegetarian. But my opinion is that you gotta try all the food. This is how you prepare the perfect sandwich: cut a piece of bread. One side you rub with a ripe tomato and onto the other you drizzle some olive oil. Put some ham and cheese inbetween. Done. I’m a big cheese fan now.

We took the bikes all across town again to get to the park but it was so much fun cause they have bicycle paths (ciclopista) everywhere. We got to the park at 1:30 and sat under a tree in the shade, ate and played card games. We played puta and liar and presidente. After that we walked to a barrio called gotica which I really wanted to go to. Favourite words of the day: barrio and rebajas! Her friend knew a lot about the history of Spain and told me about some king who bombed a school and a painting by Picasso that represented the bad time during a civil war in northern Spain. We also went to a pub , got a bucket! of beers, played more card games and went to a vintage store called flamingo which was really cool. For next year when I’m going back: go to a bar called black sheep.

In the evening we went to a restaurant that was kinda McDonald’s-y cause everything cost 1 euro but I liked it way better cause the food was delicious. You pick from the menu and write down the numbers you want on a piece of paper. Tapas for the win. And patatas fritas. And salsa. I love Spain. I remember the calamare, ham, brie cheese, chorizo and of course tortilla de patatas….. there are 100 fillings available. Amaia chose the 5 most Spanish for me to try.

You’re welcome – now book the next flight to Barcelona and try it.

Afterwards we took the metro to a big mall next to a fountain where a light show was gonna take place at 9:30. We went all the way up to the roof of the mall and saw a pretty sunset and watched hundreds of people gathering around that fountain. We got there at 9:25 as well and we watched the spectacular show where music and light and water all danced with each other and created everything from fire to ice to pink rain. I had goosebumps for one hour straight. 10/10 recommend. After the show we walked all the way up to the Mnac and saw all the lights of Barcelona by night. It was incredible.

On the way back there were buskers in the streets playing their songs and dancers performing. I love Spain.

Because it was Friday night and Amaia’s house is next to the beach and close to the club’s the metro was jam packed. French guys next to us competing with Belgian people on the other side in football-song-singing. So funny.








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