la rambla

9th of august 3AM.

My alarm goes, I get up, pack the last few bits or try to fit them all into my backpack (successfully). At 3:40 my dad gives me a lift to the train station. 04:09 I sat on a train to Hamburg Airport. I’m realizing now that I’m very bad at talking about my day when it’s a couple of days in the past because I don’t really remember and can’t put all my emotions in it as I usually do.

I do remember that everything went well with security and that I got breakfast for 15euros. But it was good, I had a table with a view of the panes adn free wifi so I watched prison break. Finally at 10:40 boarding started so I made my way to the gate. After boarding was complete nothing happens for a while and then we hear the pilot say: we have to wait for at least another hour because the airport in Barcelona isn’t as organized and there’s no gate for us or something like that.

So I arrived in Barcelona one and a half hours late. I got off the plane and started sweating. The weather wasn’t the best it was humid and grey. But when I went outside to take a bus to plaza de catalunya I saw palmtrees and that put me in a fantastic mood. At the bus stop I finally saw my freind again after one year!!! And it was that second the best 2 and a half days everrrr started.

First we took another bus to her house so I could put down my luggage but we headed out the door straight after because we had lots of stuff to see and very little time to do so. Her house is legit 5 minutes walking from the sea and Barcelona is now one of my favorite cities. Like an ”I wanna start learning spanish and move there” favorite city!

We took the bus to the center again and my first picture is of placa reial which is just so beautiful. It did rain tho but that didn’t matter to me at all. I was in the bestest mood. After that we went to la boqueria which is a food market with a million different foods in a million different colors. They also had the famous ham there which costs up to 80 euros! We walked around town a bit more and I love all the colorful houses with beautiful balconies and green plants.

Having friends all over  the world is the best cause they show you there home towns and they know the good stuff and are THE experts! We stopped at a little pub and got a beer while it was raining. We had sooo much to talk about and even tho we don’t text much we got along as if we knew eachother for ages. When it stopped raining we went down la rambla which is a big street with all the shops.

Afterwards we went to starbucks where I met her family and had a chocolate frappuchino. Her cousin from Mexico was there as well. I love her family and basically want them to adopt me. They are so chill and smart. Her mom studied anthropology and they are so intelligent like it’s hard to explain. They listen to old catalan music in the evening and have souvenirs from all over the world and idk they were goals. Oh and they speak english very well so that made it easy to communicate. Oh and the food. OH MY GOD. More about that later.

So yeah met her family and then went on walking around the city. Let’s just say 14.32km on the first day. In the evening when it got dark we walked passed a cathedral where a girl from Belgium was did gymnastics in a hoop while there was music in the back and thunder and lightning in the sky. It looked very cool. We took the metro back to Amaia’s house and had dinner. Rice and pizza. Very good first day.


at the airport


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