the 7th of august

Guess what time it is. 5am. Guess who’s up. Me. Fml. Every single day. What’s wrong with my sleeping schedule?

Guess what time it is. 5am. Guess who’s up. Me. Fml. No that’s not a mistake it’s the next days the senteces above is all.I wrote yesterday and now it’s August 8th and at 5:07 am I woke up.

So August 7th now. Got up at 7 to go to the store with my dad. I got some delicious stuff like avos and vegetarian mortadella which I decided is the reason I could never be vegan. I had 2 and a half bread rolls which is not le plus healthy (the most) and an egg and blueberries. Whoops. But I was hungry and I was gonna have to work from 9 to 3.

Within the first 5 minutes of work this girl who’s sorta running things when the boss is not there things she’s the absolute best and because there were no lists or boxes I was standing around. Not my problem if their whole company is shite. And what does she do? “Nice to get paid for standing around innit?” In like the bitchiest ass tone ever. So from then on Every Time she had the opportunity she would make some comment. But everyone hates her and they like me so we were all rolling our eyes synchronously. (Is that even a word?! Like at the same time.)

One delivery didn’t come so the boss did what he does best. Yelling and laugh in like a fucking hyena (the cats from the lion king?) on drugs. It’s the scariest most disturbing sound. And for 4 out of 5 and a half hours we basically stood in a circle and talked. Yes it was nice to get paid for standing around thanks for asking. We were sent home early which sucked.

At home there’s construction going on which involved cutting an old metal tank which apparently used to be our heater into bits. Made a horrible extremely loud noise that you could hear from miles away.

I had a gigantonourmous (bigger than big) portion of Muesli with almond milk which was delicious and then decided once again that I’m way too white and even tho it’s 37 degrees I really should spent my time outside. Got a towel and a drink, my phone and headphines and laid on the balcony on a towel. Don’t know.if my skin did anything other turning red. But hey. I was Listening to the at home podcast. I think my poor phone was hotter than me which is hard to believe. Next decision I made was was way to unhealthy and that I had to get a lil workout in. Put on my long gym pants and made my way to the gym I thought I could make 30 minutes on the cross trainer at best and then rush through some weights. Ya. No. Yesterday was my personal best!! 60 minutes, 8km and I burned 700 calories!!! What? And all that in 30 degree heat. Within the first 5 minutes 9f my workout the couple called and asked if I wanted to come over for dinner. Hells yes was my answer. So I had 2 hours to do the workout and a take a shower.

Oh and that would be a cold shower because the heater was laying in our garden cut into scrap. So now I was making the weird hyena noises and took the quickest shower ever. So refreshing tho.

Then drove into town. We went to the supermarket. Got potatoes, eggs, spinach, carrots and tomatoes and had ourselves a delicious dinner and starter.

Left at 11 and went to bed.

Now it’s 6 hours later and I’m up. Still haven’t checked or packed or heard anything from another uni. Every muscle in my body aches but I feel very sporty.


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