the 8th of august

Aaand onto the next one. If you read the last post you would know that I have been up since 5. If you haven’t read it you wouldn’t know that I’ve been up since 5 and also WHY DIDN’T YOU READ IT?! It’s been exactly 1 hour since I first opened my eyes and this hour sucked. I also just dad’s alarm go off? He’s not working today? Does he know it’s 6am?! I can also barely turn around in bed that’s how much my body aches. I’m weak. It’s one of the herman’s 21st birthday today. Crazyyy. We’re all getting old.

I will be calling these posts boring ass names until I get either rejected or accepted in Leipzig. ACCEPTED PLEASE!

11pm. Gonna get ma 4 hours of sleep now.

Enjoy the different colours of the sky throughout the day.


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