the 6th of august

*publishes one post- opens new page- starts next one* Even tho a lot less is happening in my life than there was  during the good ol’ brightonian days I seem to be writing a lot more. I did some research and for the past couple of years the uni in Leipzig always announced acceptance on the 6th of August. Today is the 6th of August. The 6th of August could very easily turn into the best or worst day ever with just one log in onto my alma account.

I’m going into town today; this is the shopping list:

  • Rain coat
  • Tank top
  • Bag (don’t think I’ll actually buy one but I saw a picture and it looked pretty)
  • Towel
  • Belt

I’m a lil paranoid that my phone break down and this’ll get deleted so I’m putting it on here. Also good job @me my phone dies and this is what I save.

6.7 km geschw
6.9 geschw
7.2 geschw
6.9 geschw
7.1 geschw
7.3 geschw
62 min
6.8 geschw

Was working til 3 well 10 past 3 and then took a bus into town to meet my mom to go shopping. I didn’t buy a jacket. I bought 3. One from the north face which is the actual raincoat and was on sale for 60 bucks instead of 175! The two other ones I can wear underneath because it’s Iceland. It’s cold. I also bought a new sports bra cause I own one and I’m having to wash it every time after the gym and it’s getting kinda grim. Bought a shit ton of stuff at dm which is like boots or walgreen or wherever you buy toothpaste, shampoo and makeup. Last but not least I bought a towel for 20 quid. But it’s one of those micro fibre things that you can make tiny. Then we got ice cream. I got 3 scoops. Carrot cake, kinder egg and natural yogurt. delizioso.

Then we headed home. I made healthy food aka rice and vegetables and then had my next quarter life crisis this time involving texting estate agents about apartment viewings in Bonn. Where I don’t actually wanna study. I made nice cream with a frozen banana and vegan yogurt. Which is when the crisis began cause it’s the evening and I still haven’t heard anything from Leipzig. So I had a giant bowl of Muesli and now I feel sick. I was planning to go to the gym tonight but that ain’t happening now.

Forgot to take pictures. Might do a TINY tiny little work out now. Pray for me that I won’t throw up. Also might take pictures of my clothes. We’ll see.

Did a little workout didn’t throw up didn’t take pictures of the stuff I bought did take selfies cause my hair was cray cray. 3 pictures will do for today. Bonne nuit.

Ps. In case you’re wondering why there’s a random red cup on the shower head. No I’m not an alcoholic. I had to cover my ear with it so.water couldn’t get in and I’m just way too lazy to take it down.


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