*scottish accent* don’t be a can’t be a can

It’s 8am on a Sunday morning I’m having coffee with all windows wide open while procrastinating going to the gym. Still no news from another uni.  Leipzig pleeeease!

Had to work from 10 to 6 yesterday which was rough and I ate an entire bag of sweets during my break. After that I went to the store got some almond milk, vegan yogurt, blackberries and cinnamon. The essentials you know. Outside it was still well over 30 degrees at 7pm but I decided that because I spent my life in a warehouse with no natural light I had to go outside so I filled a bucket with cold water put my feet in it and sat… for like 30 minutes because it’s unbearable. I checked uni pages again for like the 30th time that day. Nothing. Can’t handle this.

The thought of my leftover mac n cheese put me in the best mood and of you ask me I think it was even better than the day before because the cheese got even cheesier. So I bought call me by your name on amazon so I could finally watch the thing without it buffering and showing me websites with porn the whole time. Don’t know if it was worth 5 quid but I had a in evening and did enjoy all the languages (as I said before- family goals) while eating a giant portion of mac n cheese.

Gonna get up now, brush ma teeth and go to la gymnasium.

62 min
6.8 geschw

Best one yet. My brain was mush after that.

My parents just got back and t always puts me in the worst fucking mood. They always wanna make me eat cake and coffee with cream in it and basically want me to get fat so they don’t feel as bad with their big ass stomachs that flop around when they move. They annoy the shit out of me and when they asked me the first time I said O don’t want cake because I went to the gym this morning. The  they asked a 2nd and 3rd time and I was lime didn’t you.lsten like?! Wtf. And then my mom put all the cake on a plate and I asked why and whether they’re gonna eat all that. And she just assumed I was gonna have some as well?! “Och du isst doch bestimmt auch was”

All that happen within 5 minutes?! Are they stupid?! Fuuuck. I’m so annoyed. So exited to move out.

Spent the rest of the evening in my room but calmed down again. I made some food which was healthy af but sadly I then started to eat all the crap. I also started watching prison break again. Not as booked as I was the 1st time but better than nothing.

Oh it’s also 5am the next day I obviously woke up like I do every day at 5. Only complaining a little tho bc art his time it’s n8ce and quiet and cool and I got the window wide open. If I lived by the water this would be my favourite thing ever but this is okay too as ling as birds are sleeping.

8/5 le sweat


8/4 brekkie
8/4 forever alone movie night
8/5 how to: turn brain into mush and legs into jelly


8/5 brekkie


I don’t Netflix and chill I mac and cheese
8/4 lunch break
8/5 rays
8/5 lunch
forever loving sunsets
Italian veggies sweet potato and vegan natural yogurt
3 days to gooooo


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