quarter life cris-ing

That’s what I’ve been doing the past days. Quarter life cris-ing. Now that I’m getting closer to the big 2 0 (20 days whoop whoop) I’m really starting to feel the crisis kicking in. The uni I wanna go to in Leipzig hasn’t accepted my application (-yet. Pls.) and I’m stressing out about it big time. Here are pictures and videos from today and yesterday. I have been working a lot. And when I say today I mean yesterday and yesterday is 2 days ago cause it’s passed midnight. I just got home from work when 50% of the couple called asking if I wanted to hang out. So I took a shower and drove into town. We made mac n cheese. It was delicious. Here’s what I think you need. We didn’t measure anything:

  • Macs 500g
  • Cheese 350g
  • Milk 650ml (not too sure)
  • Butter like 2-3 tbs
  • Salt n pepper

Cook macaroni and make the sauce simultaneously so it’s done at the same time. Stir the milk cheese sauce the entire time so it gets real nice n creamy. Done. You’re welcome.

Can Leipzig please just accept?!

I would tell the story of hour drive in experience and how we got the vietnames food but it’s too late and I’m falling asleep.

8/3 breakfast
8/2 sunset
8/3 morning
8/1 Vietnamese food with 50% of le couple
8/2 fitness salad (or some more beautiful name in italian) bread and homemade dressing
8/2 breakfast
8/3 tried on rain coats for Iceland in 30 degree heat while wearing 3 layers. I was dying
8/3 we are head chefs of the mac n cheese world


8/2 lunch
8/3 lunch break


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