gosh darn it

Got out of bed early today to hit the gym before it got too hot but the second I sat down to have my coffee my sister called and we talked for 3 hours so the gym didn’t happen. Going tomorrow then. Texted the Spanish guy he’s going to Brighton today. Needless to say I’m jealous. Have to work in 1 hour but the people I like are there so it doesn’t even put me in too bad of a mood. Had to pause my music to write that sentence because I’m listening to continuer which is in French and German and thinking in English is hard then.

My sister, she will be known as lenchos on here, wants to get a tattoo in new Zealand. What!? Crazy but I support it. (As long as it’s on her foot or something cause she’s way smarter than me and is gonna have a job where tattoos can’t be on arms.)

The Belgian guy helped her get an excellent in French lol.

I’m confused.

Work was incredibly hard today. The time just wouldn’t go by. I looked at my phone every 10 minutes and 6 hours felt like an eternity.

Also got accepted into Uni in Bonn today which is closer to the Belgian guy’s house than to mine. Don’t think I will go there tho cause it’s not the subjects I really really wanna do. It’s in my top 3 tho. Munster and Leipzig are 1 and 2. It’s 10pm think I’ll sleep now so I don’t have to think about the Spanish guy and I wanna go to the gym tomorrow morning and I’m exhausted fro. This 36°C heat.

Ate way too much. So much for the summer bod I was trying to have until the 9th. I do not think I can eat that little and work out and tan that much in only 9 days.







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