dog whisperer

Woke up at 3 something am again and 5 minutes before that I got a text from the belgian guy who woke up bc of a nightmare.

When I woke up again at 8 I was in the bestest mood because I got to book Barcelona today. So I went onto and looked up cheap flights. So now I’m going from Hamburg to Barcelona on the 9th (omg 8 days!!!) and from Barcelona to Hamburg on the 12th for like 190 quid. Woopwoop.

My dog hasn’t been eating a lot lately, so I put her on my lap and had a serious talk with her. I told her she has to eat and stuff and asked what’s going on while holding the bowl with disgusting smelling food right in front of her face until she got so pissed she jumped down. 2 Seconds later I turn around and she’s basically inhaling the entire thing and then went on to eat the leftovers from the other bowl. I think I’m a certified dog whisperer now.

Just finished watching the longest ride and I cried.

Now listening to a band called seafred which is giving me all the feels. I’m sitting outside it’s not too hot anymore and the song oceans is blasting through my headphones.

Went to work. Got icecream. Had fun with the people. There was a lot of sweat and it smelled like a gym.

Tomorrow I wanna be productive so in my mind this is what I hope will happen: post office, gym, shower, breakfast in town, buy some things, go home, work.

Boys update: might text the Spanish guy some day. No reason really idk. There’s a fit guy at work. Idk. To sum it up: idk.


Part 2 of my two course lunch first course was avo on toast


That’s the “what I’d look like if I had the money and the bod”
My d finally eating
They got a treat from the mail man
the why are you here café
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