blogin like a pro (*edits title next day*)

Okay it’s 11 minutes before this day is over so let’s get this done quick shall we?

Went to the gym at 8 cause I woke up at 5.

6.9 geschw

Had some delicious porridge and I’m not actually too sure what else happened this morning. I ate a whole lotta blueberries. Had bread and pickles and avocado and more blueberries for lunch. Was so full that I had to change into another pair of pants. Then went bowling with the couple but had to cut it short (is that how you say it) Cause it was too hot. So we drove to a restaurant where I only had a drink. The  we went to their flat which they just moved into and it looks incredible. The male half of the couple won like 4000€ at a casino today which I can not believe. I mean is that legal like?!

Went to a Vietnamese restaurant just across from their flat and had rice and veggies and it was delicious. Then watched the longest ride half way through because then I got too tired and didn’t wanna die on the road.

We made a shopping list what they have to buy for the apartment and another list what we wanna do before I move to a new city. Like go to a restaurant go shopping eat ice cream…

4 minutes left. Gonna insert pics and that was that. Happy 29th of July.


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