not a FAN of BABY

I’m watching calm me by your name now while there’s a big storm outside and I’m so relaxed. This is my favourite kind of Saturday night. Happy rn. I gotta say Elio’s family is literal goals like when I’m older I hope that’ll be me. They have an exchange student, the mom seems to speak French, Italian and German oh and English. The dad’s got some English and Italian and the son speaks Italian French and English. They live in a beautiful house with nice neighbours and a giant garden. GOALS. And how good looking is timotee Chalamet at that party with the cigarette? All the movies I’ve watched today are some good ol inspos for life.

This is how I have been watching that movie which is why it takes 2 and a half hours to watch 47 minutes:

We also have very little to no Wi-Fi since our neighbour who my parents think is very talented with we’ll Wi-Fi stuff came over and took a look at why we don’t have Wi-Fi. Listen. Yesterday before he came we had perfect internet. During his visit we had bad Wi-Fi. After he left we had very little Wi-Fi that disappeared every now and again. And at this hour we don’t have any and I’m having to restart my laptop every few minutes to watch another 5 seconds of that movie. I hate that guy. He’s stupid.

Right I’ll show how annoying it is tomorrow. I do not have nerves for this nonsense. Now there is no Wi-Fi at all again and I’m having to upload with my data turned on. Fml. What a horrible end to the day.

Francis Hausman servin looks


when my parents finally take over cooking again

Third movie if the day: call me by your name. I’m watching it on some sketchy website and it keeps buffering


woke up at exactly 5:24 again today and this was the sun rise


My parents were in a good mood this morning
Trainspotter serving looks
The reason the Belgian guy and I are exited about Iceland is the weather

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