bin krank means i’m sick

Veganism is over and I’m on sick leave for the next 3 days. Only keeping the black converse from the second order and the shampoo from the first order. I’m gonna go to am outdoor store thing to look for the rest of the clothes I need for Iceland. Still haven’t booked the plane tickets cause I have to confirm it with my boss first and I’ll only see him on Monday. Ugh.

I already drank tons of water cause the doctor said so. And she also wasn’t impressed by my blood pressure which was like 108 over 60 or something. Does anyone know what that means?! Also had ZWIEBACK again (TMI) which reminds me of vomit now (hey I warned you). And I had a bread roll with jam.

Other than me binge watching the big bang theory, eating a ton of sweets and sweating a lot nothing much has happened today.

Excuse all the videos below not sure why I took that may today.

Next up is what sort of pics I’m gonna take/make the Belgian guy take in Iceland:

Tomorrow’s breakfast inspo:



pls don’t mind me looking like an absolute lunatic and focus on my cute dog thx. Also, wtf is my hand doing? I didn’t know my fingers could bend  that way.




why are my knees inside out



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