Woke up at 5 feeling sick. Woke up at 7 feeling worse. At 8 I told my parents. At 10 my friends (le couple) asked if I wanted to come to ikea and go shopping with them. And I was like girl I’m on the verge of throwing up but told myself that it can’t be that bed, not to be such a pussaaay, and to eat something. So my mom brought ZWIEBACK (is that a thing anywhere else?) which you’re supposed to eat when you’re not well and I made some ginger and lemon tea. When I was about to raoe a shower I looked at myself in the mirror and thought yup no thanks this ain’t gonna work. So I went back to bed where I have been melting for the last 6 hours. The fact that it’s 31°C (I wish it was F) does not make this situation any better. My ASOS delivery arrived today and I can’t even get up and open it. You know I’m sick when I can’t even sit up to open ASOS packages. Anyway at around 2 I vomited a whole lot of ZWIEBACK. That’s the last time I got out of bed. I don’t think I’ll be able to work tomorrow so I’ll have to go to the doctor.

The vegan diet came to an end with the cheese bread role I had this morning. I don’t think my body is made for saving animals. Every time I take those supplements I get sick. So I might have to have an egg every once in a while.


There it is. Untouched. At the foot of my bed.

  • black/ white converse
  • completely white converse
  • Hally Hansen raincoat for Iceland

My water bottle is empty and even tho it makes me feel sick I should probably get up and refill it. I feel like throwing up sorry if you think this is tmi but nobody reads this anyway.

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