this is turning into a what i eat every day

Woke up at 5 then again at 7. My alarm goes at 8:30 and that I’m writing this at 8:06 tells you that I couldn’t go back to sleep.

Samsung health July 22

Also what I forgot to write about yesterday is that it was soso’s and my happy day. It started maybe 4 years ago when we made a tiny donation in a coffee shop and called the 22nd our happy day from then on. So every year we’re doing something nice/selfless for other people. I forgot about the fact that it was happy day until the evening so I’ll see what I can do today.

Well starting to get really annoyed with the couple and I will not.text them again. That’s what strong and independent women do. Delete people from their lives until they have no friends. Turns out to be working quite well for me.

Oh a couple days ago I found out what my next tattoo is going to be. I had it in mind for like 3 years now, even before I got the d (lol) FYI: I have the letter d on my wrist.)

la poésie est dans la rue

I want to get this do e cause it’s a sentence from the 1975 aka my all time favourite band. And I thought about getting it the day they released the new single love it if we made it. But then in my head I was thinking what if that’s not even a thing within the band anymore. Like it’s been a thing 5 years ago and stuff. Which shouldn’t influence me wanting to get it but that’s what I thought. Later that day the single was released and at one point matty sings this:

Rest in peace lil peep

The poetry is in the street

So yeah that will most likely be my next tattoo. But I also wanna get something outdoorsy or like adventure/camping style depending on how the roadtrip is going hahah.

For breakfast I had the usual: 40g porridge (oats and hot water) added 30g of vegan vanilla protein powder for the vegan diet and then I go cray cray on the topping which is my favourite thing to do each morning. Today I smushed 3/4 of a banana, mixed it with cinnamon and added it to the oats, while heating it on the stove. While the oats were soaking I put some frozen berries in the microwave and cut up the banana. When the porridge us nice and creamy I add it all together in a bowl. Get my coffee with almond milk and a glass of water and watch some videos until I have to leave for work.

For lunch I have the bread roll I snack.on during the day. I get it from the bakery next to the warehouse and it’s delicieux (going with the French bc of the poetry in the streets)

My dinner was delicious and VEGAN as well. I made some brown rice and in a sauce pan I put some curry- coconut sauce I bought 2 days ago, the rest of my chickpeas and some cut up bell pepper. That’s legit it. Took 10 minutes to make.

Oooh! It’s  my birthday in exactly one month from now! Ya girl’s turning 20. And is she gonna act like it? Hell no! She will keep complaining and it’s probably.gonna increase drastically because she’s starting uni in the fall. Well uni in autumn. College in fall. I get why people hate me now.

Anyway one month and 10 years til I’m thirty. The big 3 0.  Sheesh.


This is where I work btw

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