the second I gave up

It’s saturday, I’m off to work in an hour, it’s the most beautiful weather, I’m in a warehouse from 10 to 4.

Yesterday evening I was scrolling pinterest and came across vegan, 3 ingredient pancakes. My vegan diet is slowly taking over my life and it’s kinda fun. I eat what I feel like eating and for now I’m not craving eggs and I’m happy to drink almond milk. But when I got back from Brighton there were days I ate meat cause I felt like it. Don’t think that will happen any tie soon cause I watched a very concerning video about a cow being murdered yesterday while scrolling instagram’s discovery page. 10/10 would NOT recommend. So yeah give me all them veggies that I do not have at my house cause I’m too lazy to go food shopping (how british – for y’all americans out there: that’s grocery shopping). So I pretty much had passata (tomato sauce) with rice or pasta every day for dinner sometimes brought kale into the mix. Porridge with protein powder for brekkie and a fresh 60 cent breadroll to snack on while working.

Yesterday I got a sunburn!!!

Anyway where was I. Pancakes. I thought I could do like a fancy timelapse of me making pancakes which I had been exited about since yesterday. So I made the batter, poured it into a pan. And then it all went downhill. Long story short I ate pancake batter for breakfast. Watch th e video. You can see the exact second I put a blop on my plate, gave up and thrwe it away.

Damn it. The second I start writing I can’t seem to stop. Gonna insert pictures of my smore aesthetically pleasing food from last week. Believe me sometimes it looks better than today.

Aaand now it’s half 5 I just ”made dinner” aka throwing the tomato sauce, chickpeas and rice from yesterday into a pot and let it come to a boil.

My mom is off to a parteeyyy and my dad is in the US, while I’m working. Something doesn’t seem right?

Oh ms asos order finally arrived today. It was supposed to come on tuesday. Thanks next day delivery..NOT.

Don’t know what I should keep. The converse I ordered turned out to be purple which I’m not a fan of, the adidas shoes look like a cruise ship on my feet. Thx gigantic feet genes love ya. One pullover raincoat or like windbreaker type jacket looks like a potato sack and I ordered it twice in the same size. yei me. And the last rain coat I ordered in an M but I don’t hate it so I think I’ll get it in an S and some different converse. I will insert pictures if I’m not too lazy later. Or tomorrow. Tomorrow is my next day off thanks @god for creating sundays. I think I might go get some food for breakfast cause I’m not slurping pancake batter again. Days off have a downside as well tho. The gym. At the moment I’m going the 3 times a week which is not toooo ad considering that I’m working everyday which includes walking for 6 hours. 3 days is on my day off which changes every week, sundays and the day that I don’t start at 10am but some time in the afternoon.

Schedule for next week is

  • Monday: 10-4
  • Tuesday: 3-9 (GYM)
  • Wednesday: – (GYM)
  • Thursday: 10-4
  • Friday: 10-4
  • Saturday: 10-3
  • Sunday: – (GYM)

See? 3 times.

I also started documenting my calorie intake again. Just because. No reason really but I feel like I eat healthier and I do kinda wanna know what nutrients I’m missing (not that many anymore- thanks supplements).

I think that might be all for today because other than maybe going to get food and being hungry af nothing is going to happen on this crazy weekend.

Oh let me be a crybaby for a second. I feel like my friends (the couple) are avoiding me because we used to see eachother like almost every day and now they’re never texting and if they respond it’s one word and they don’t ever wanna do stuff like?!

On the brighter side me and the belgian guy are getting along great again which makes me happyyy and even more exited about Iceland. 5 weeks to go. Idk if I’ll be able to update daily bc he’s gonna be by my side 24/7 like legit 24 hours a day for a week. Whether we’re sleeping, eating , driving or walking. Sheeesh. lol. Anyway I don’t want him to find out about this little whatever it is. The words ”belgian guy” appear far too many times. Maybe I can like take little notes on my phone to jot down impressions and what we saw. We’ll see. Plus I’ll have the most incredible pictures to post ever. I’M SOO EXITED!!!

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-21 at 16.44.12 (1)
today’s 3 minute d(el)ishhh

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-21 at 16.44.12WhatsApp Image 2018-07-21 at 16.44.13

ignore my mom’s alc in the back and focus on my vitamins
yesterday’s first step to a recipe post but I got impatient and hungry soz
yesterday afternoon when I got sunburned – I am reading that book for the 2nd time because it’s quite complicated and I didn’t fully comprehend it the first time 
step 2
aesthatically pleasing breakfast when it’s not pancake batter
I was thinking long and hard about whether or not I should crop out my feet because I myself am not a big fan of them but then I thought sod it I can’t be bothered soz
WhatsApp Image 2018-07-21 at 08.38.48
and here we have today’s sad lil breakfast- If I haven’t said it enough. It’s pancake batter. I tried to add a topping but it really does just look sad and the almonds sunk to the bottom of the bowl. Also. My coffee is black because I used up all the almond milk

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