good times

Well hello there. Haven’t said anything I’m quite a while but I had such a good time I pretty much forgot about all this. Don’t remember what the latest post was about but I’ll read it later and then fill the gaps (we’ll see if that’s actually going to happen) but now is about the last couple of days.

My new job: So I’m going on a roadtrip around Iceland with the Belgian guy,

the camper is booked and we’re at the stage of picking out all the places we want to see! Let’s just say we’ve got 6 days and 69 places.I was looking at my balance the other day it did not look good. I had about 40 euros and was going to get paid like 30 from the first job. Not the best amount to go travel Iceland, regarding the

  1. 282€ car rental
  2. Fuel
  3. Food
  4. Parteey (not really but like I wanna try a beer which will cost me a fortune)
  5. and camping

So for those 5 reasons I applied for several different jobs and got rejected just as many times. I went to different interviews every other day but because I will only be staying for 2-3 more months before I’m off to uni they wouldn’t take me. Sucks but understandable.

One day I’m at the gym and get a phone call from a company that’s selling school supplies. Long story short I have a job until the 31 of August, walking around a little warehouse with a basket, collecting school supplies from shelves for people who ordered them online. I get a butt load of money during those 7 weeks tho so yei me.

Just thought I’d mention that I’m working 6 hours everyday 5 days a week (Also on Saturdays and mostly from 10-4. But that’s good that way I don’t snack as much.

2. The gym

I signed up 2 weeks ago, pay 30 quid a month and went 3 times so far. Thanks job and heat.

3. Third wheeling olé

Yes there are actually people who want to hang out with me during their free time (2 people (and they’re a couple but we don’t mention either of that). So yeah been hanging out with them A LOT. Legit so much fun. They’re always making out right in front of me which is a lil yucky. If me describing making out as yucky doesn’t describe me as a person than idk what does. Anyway yesterday my photographer friend came to visit. I hadn’t seen him since we were travelling Asia together last year which is waaay too long ago! I went to go meet him and the couple after work yesterday and we went to get dinner. It was so fun to finally catch up irl. I mean we FaceTime and talk on the phone but like he showed me everything in his rimova suitcase and I got to hold a sweater from vetement and stuff from balenciaga (what?!?!). We got ice cream from the supermarket and we’re going to watch a movie which had to be paused after 15 seconds and was replaced by a 2 hour conversation. So we only watched fack ju göthe 2 for like 30 minutes before going to sleep. Today I’ll drop him off in town before going to work at 10. Good times good times.

The couple is also in the process of moving into their first apartment together so we’ve been spending quite some time at ikea recently. And we watched the football together a lot.

4. World cup

Allez les bleus… I guess?

5. Diet

I’ve been trying to eat rather vegan for the past weeks and I quite enjoy it. Mostly because I’m not cutting everything out just like that. If I want to have a pancake for breakfast (which I had when the couple stayed over 3 days ago and we had a humongous brunch) I will have a pancake for breakfast. But then the rest of the time I’ll have almond milk in my coffee and I haven’t eaten eggs in a long long time. I’m more vegan than I am not.

6. non ho fatto l’universita- yet

2 days ago was the last day to apply for universities so now I’m waiting for emails to tell me where I’ll be moving in 2 months! AAAAAH.

Non ho fatto l’universita is Italian, a song and means I didn’t go to university, which is why I added – yet. (you’re welcome)

Think that might be it. I’m home alone atm which is the bestest and means I can have friends over which actually happens like?!



I got to wear my photographer friend’s Coachella bracelet for a very short amount of time



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