the only time i like germany (edit: nvm)



how you ask? easy. you just gonna wanna make aesthetic a priority.

  • put a banana in a pot and smush it.
  • add 50G of plain oats and some boiling water (don’t know how much but it has to look a bit too liquidy so it’s gonna come out all creamy) and mix everything together with a fork
  • put a lid on and start preparing the topping
  • I used a couple frozen berries and put them in the microwave for 90 seconds
  • cut up a strawberry, grab your pumpkin seeds that you obviously got lying around in your cupboard and get the agave nectar
  • after about 3 minutes the oats should have soaked up all the water and you should have a creamy like babyfood smelling mixture
  • get your berries and swirl them around the oats
  • arrange the strawberries as if you were sculpting a masterpiece and top it of with seeds and nectar

yoo I just found my old blog I posted on in 2015 and 2016. The oldest post is from almost 3!! years ago. So when I just turned 17. I’m gonna go read through the posts they’re probably so much better than these ones now but I enjoy doing this style atm.

Thing I realize is that I really didn’t have too much to say back then. I mean in comparison to now when I legit write a novel a day.

The whole family facetimed my sister today.

Blah bla a few hours later and I’m on my way to watch the game: Germany vs Mexico. Pretty sure everyone expected Germany to win because it’s Mexico you know. Ya that didn’t happen and so we lost 0:1 and the mood was accordingly. But it was still good fun I got invited to a sportsday thing next weekend whoop. I think I overdid the football watching in the last days because it’s starting to really bore me but that’s because most games were shit like 1 goal.





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