grumpy complaining-enjoy.

So I woke up had a wai kika moo kau inspired breakfast aka yogurt and muesli and watched some YouTube. But I’m starting to miss the Brighton days not the ones from June. The ones in April. A lot. And I thought right I’m not allowed to do sports, I’m bored and I’m allowed to go on a walk. Because I live like 10km away from the next city there’s only 3 things to do in my village. And those 3 things are chain bakeries (is that a thing?) So nothing personal or individual about them. One just opened so I thought hey I can walk there and on the internet it says there’s Wi-Fi and a good atmosphere. So I packed my laptop, charger, notebook thinking I don’t have a job so I could at least set myself some tasks and head out the door.

I now am sitting in this shit café with a tea that does not taste good, there is no Wi-Fi (the woman looked at me as if I was crazy when I asked umm had century does she live in?) and I’m typing this on my phone with my data on.

The people here annoy me a lot. I mean I’m not a big fan of the german language anyway but they’re all boring old people. It all puts me in a bad mood. Can someone please give me April back.

I’m gonna go drink this tea cause you know I paid and all and then I’m gonna go change bakery to the one I know has wifi but is still so fucking mainstream. I’m exited to go leave this town (do I make a song out of this now) and live in a more diverse and open minded city. Ugh.

There is a little good market right next to this cafe and I might go don’t know yet cause I won’t buy anything and I’m really not in the mood in case you didn’t get it by now I’m grumpy.

Just wanted to work on some edits and posts. Not even the plants on the table are real.

My tea is almost cold but it makes my tongue feel weird and I really don’t wanna drink it.

Oh! There’s gonna be a new ahs season or something which is a season 1 and 3 crossover aka my two favorite seasons in one. Told the belgian guy about it. Responds: wtf

Okay. Good convo.

Today is also Spain vs Portugal and it might turn into a civil war. My bet (11:13am) is 2:1 Spain.

Gonna chuck down this tea and change bakeries damn it.

Ya nvm I’m going home my phone wouldn’t connect to the other Wi-Fi I give up. And my scar hurts.

Well so much to being healthy I basically just ate the entire fridge and now feel sick. What’s wrong with me. I also ate chicken fml. Got the football on the tv now.

Writing this on my phone makes life so much easier. It’s in my hand all day anyway so I can just write down everything the second I’m thinking it. Great content today.

57 minutes into the last game of the day and as I’m writing this we’ve got a 3:2 for Spain. Had to rethink the entire sentence. Man I wish I wasn’t sitting on a couch with my parents now.

Aaand 3:3. I get why Ronaldo is known as the world’s best player now.

update on the ear:

  • pain: 30%
  • look: still 100% disgusting
  • hair grease: 60% half my hair but the right side’s getting more grim
  • hearing: 1% better than before but it’s stuffed with stuff (pun)

update on the spanish:

  • nothing -.-




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