never have i ever

been this bored in my life. Remember how I kept saying how bored I was during my internship? Ya that was nothing compared to what I’m going through now (oh I have such a bad life boohoo). My parents came to visit me yesterday evening and brought a giant ”get well soon” basket loaded with stuff that makes you fat. 18 hours later, the basket is empty, I’m bloated and feel sick. I ate all the chocolates, cherries, nectarines, bananas, raspberries and smoothies… within a couple of hours. Doesn’t even sound that unhealthy now that I think about it but if you consume it all in  less than a day #doctorswouldntrecommend. I feel like there must have been something more unhealthy in there but I can’t remember what?!

Today I woke up early, again don’t know why cause I stayed up quite long, watching kingsman. The first part is like so much better which is probably because I watched the second one in 4d in hong kong when it came out last year so now I’m like very underwhelmed watching it. I finished the second part this morning waiting for breakfast because even tho I ate so so (so) much I was still hungry and exited for my breadroll and kiwi and coffee. Then I had a doctors appointment (all good) and he said I can go home tomorrow!

After breakfast I applied to some more universities (yes I went south) a little more anthropology a little more german. I’m getting kinda nervous/ exited not knowing what I’m gonna end up with. Don’t even remember all the cities I applied in but for the sake of me reading this in the future (which will happen cause I read back all the Brighton posts today and it made me smile and kept me entertained for 2 hours) I will try to write down the cities:

  • Münster
  • Bonn
  • Bielefeld (ugh)
  • Göttingen
  • Leipzig
  • Augsburg (not a fan of bavaria)
  • Hamburg (too big)
  • Berlin (I’m not kewl enough)

think that might be it and because I’m just that bored let me just whip up a little illustration for the non germans (lucky bastards).

btw how exited are we all for the world cup? And it’s also almost 4pm and in hospital time that means almost dinner and gurl believe me when I say I’m already hungry again.

well this just took me way too long but also put me in a mood to edit some pictures or design some posters so I guess that’s wat I’ll be doing until dinner.

where I applied

Here are pictures I took today. I also went on a little walk and felt dizzy will never tell anyone tho cuz I wanna go home.

update on the ear:

  • pain: minimal 20%
  • look: 100% disgusting
  • hair grease: 110% I look bald in places
  • hearing: 1% better than before but it’s stuffed with stuff (pun)

gonna go get my 3rd coffee of the day cause I just realized I can get it for free down the hall and then I’ll get editing (maybe) see ya boys.

nvm I got tea cause I’m a responsible adult. Google translate says it’s rosehip hibiscus. wut? smells shit.

holy moly 16:47 and food’s on the table. Not even finished the first design! Can you tell that I like flowers? Not feeling it not sharing it. Dinner was bread and cheese. Adios.

Screenshot (77)
this is what we’ve got so far
what’s el trono?





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