killing time

so i got my ear cut off, facetimed the spanish guy [do not remember what we talked about], facetimed my favorite photographer, slept [a lot] and then after 24 hours finally got food! I didn’t throw up can you believe it!!

It now is the next day I woke up a couple times during the night because the woman I share a room with kept moaning in agony. I then slept until 5 because it got light outside and there obviously are no real blinds. Second reason I woke up way too early for my liking was because blood was running down the left side of my face and my hand was covered in it as well, which basically gave me a minor heartattack wheb I held my phone and saw it. Couldn’t sleep after that. At like 7:30 I got my second hospital meal aka a breadroll some jam a banana and a COFFEE. Gotta say I can’t complain but I do miss my avocados and oats (I’m getting pizza for lunch so I should really shut up).

I then got rid of my giant bandage and switched to a sexaaay patch. I even went to the bathroom (no showering think I would faint thx) and I got the needle thing removed from my hand which was the closest I got to throwing up in the last hours.

No to the title. KILLING TIME

holy cow just got my lunch i’ll have to postpone my tips cuz it looks fucking delish!

Alrighty how to kill time wheb in the hospital and I have 2 answers:

  1. pinterst

I think by now y’all know that I’m obsessed with pinterest. I have created my dream life on there and basically have a board for every single picture you’ll find on there. And I have also further sub- catagorized every board. go check it out btw not that I share my entire life on here anyway there you can see what I would actually like my life to look like. ktk80pin

My second tip is a website called

Acast is a website with podcasts you can listen to without having to sign up. I like to listen to 2 in particular. The first one is at home with (I finished that one already). It’s by 2 youtubers who basically go visit either other ””influencers”’ or whatever you wanna call them in their home and talk beauty, lifestyle and interior. Very girly but it’s nice and relaxing and you can listen to it without having to pay tooo much attention. The other podcast I enjoy listening to is the totally fottball show cuz they talk world cup. And wheb I say they talk world cup I mean it. every   single   detail   . But you learn a lot and I feel like I could be coaching one of the teams now (prolly not).

Another thing which made me like podcasts was that it’s just listening which means I can go on pinterest on my phone while doing so. IT’S PERFECT!!

Lil update on the old ear: not too sure if I’m able to hear on my lefty again cause they basically loaded it with…idk.. something. I don’t do hospital talk so idk something will be a reccuring expression the next days.

Oh tonight at 8 is football and because I have my own personal tv/ phone/ computer I’m gonna watch it.

WARNING: if you’re not keen on needles and what not do not look at the lasr pictures. If you’re keen on food you may look at the first half.




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