lil german update

alrighty, getting surgery tomorrow and I gotta say I’m half exited half nervous. Nervous because of the obvious, you can die. Exited because firstly I’m gonna be able to hear afterwards (hopefully) and secondly I’m gonna be on drugs and talk shit. Also gonna call the spanish guy afterwards.

Anyway getting my ear cut of then rested on my face for a few hours and then sewed back on isn’t the most fun I can think of on a monday morning, 4 days before the world cup starts. And I am planning, scratch that, I will go watch the game on Sunday!

Another thing I’m not particularly exited about is me not going to be able to chew food and having to live of mash and basically anything blended for the next days. The area between ear and jaw will turn into a giant bruise and I will be pirate… with the patch on my ear.

Nothing has happened in the last days really. This ain’t Brighton where I could post every single day! I can sum up 1 week in less words than there were in a single Brighton post. But I did drive to my friend’s little town after work two days ago and they had a bonfire and music which was quite nice.

I did start applying to unis which is cray cray don’t know if I said already but it’s prolly gonna come down to me studying anthropology and english or like german as second and foreign language (is that a thing? excuse my english this one’s google translate’s fault). We’ll see where and with what subject I’ll end up with. frick, I’m so grown up. Umm ..

Oh! Also been going to the gym the past few weeks which then makes me feel only 78% bad for eating all the food in the house. I honestly don’t get how I survived on oats in Brighton. The second I get home I eat as much as a 250 pound, 6’3 man. Only gained half a pound so far and I will keep telling myself it’s muscles.

Btw I watched the kissing booth (twice) and as much as it may have sucked that couple is actually cute (irl) and makes me want a boyfriend who’s like 6’4 and muscly whoops. The annoying part was that even if it’s your frst time watching it you can basically guess the next line because it’s so stereotypical.

Porridge recipe from a new- found fitness blogger (me) :

get yourself a pack of porridge (preferably with berries cause that’s delish)

boil some water

put 30g of raspberry flavored protein powder (makes it pink) into a bowl and mix with 50 g of oats

pour water on top, cover bowl, wait 3 minutes

cut up fruits

buy an extremly overpriced bag of chia seeds or any other seed people tell you is healthy

put toppings on top and take a pic for the gram

I haven’t even started packing my hospital bag (no I’m not giving birth) and it’s half 11 and I’ve been in bed for basically the entire day, after the gym. Also had 3 pieces of cake. And soo much food cause I’m not allowed to eat tomorrow and you already know about the mash part. WhatsApp Image 2018-06-10 at 22.09.19 (1)WhatsApp Image 2018-06-10 at 22.09.19 (2)

can you believe there are pictures?! that’s it I pray I won’t die and that I won’t throw up/ talk shit. bye

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