may 1 🌮

May 1st, 11am, Starbucks:

Alrighty this is going to be a long one, I think. But I have loads of stuff to say about this day and it puts a giant smile on my face just thinking about it.

It’s 11am and my mom and I just left the tattoo place and are now looking for a cafe to sit in for the next hour, preferably with wifi because I had to send the designs to the artist. First thing we see- Starbucks, so that’s where we went. That’s also where I had to tell my mom that I really wouldn’t be coming to London with her and she looked a little sad which made me feel bad but I don’t really like London and I do really like tattoos #worstexcuse #loveyoumom. My mom had to leave then to get the train up and wouldn’t be there for when I get the tattoo, so I texted the spanish guy this:

what are you doing at 12?
I’m getting tattoos and don’t wanna go alone
can you come?

I got this answer:

where’s the taco place

-I thought he just misspelled the word on accident. Nope he thought we were getting tacos.

So we walk through the North Laines which is when he realized that there were no tacos, but lots of tattooed and bearded people. I started filling out the forms and we started talking about what he would get if he would get a tattoo and he was like maybe some small sunglasses somewhere but he wouldn’t get them anyway. Both wrong. The longer we waited the more he started to like the idea of getting a tattoo. And the rich person I am (did you see the post about my balance?) I told him that if he would get a tattoo today I’d pay for it.

I layed down on the table bed thingy and the zzzzz of the needle thingy (can you tell that I that I speak english?) started. Weirldy didn’t hurt and I also got a lolipop! After about 90 minutes I had flowers and an eye and because I was so chilled during the ”process” (jeeez 1 week in Germay and I lost all the vocab) the spanish guy asked the tattoo artist if he has another open spot later today. And I was like

say what now???

Anyway, I payed 120 pounds which is not too bad for 2 tattoos (bad for my bank account tho) and we started looking through the artists folder of his previous designs. The spanish guy forgot about them sunglasses reeeal quick and decided on a skull design with some personilized touches.

We had to wait for an hour again because the artist wanted to get lunch so we went down to the beach and met up with my friends who made it to Brighton!! So they went up with us to the studio and watched the spanish guy getting tatted.

He changed the skull to the punishers skull (or something). Gotta say it does look sick! And another thing I gotta say: he crazy! He decided to get it on his ribs, filled in and quite big. Looks cool tho!

We went to check in at the hostel, but we were going to see them spanish people later that day because Real played against Bayern again and I was not gonna miss that firstly because now I had german back up (they weren’t much into the game but it got better with every sip of beer), secondly because of a Jägerbomb bet.

And there you have it. One of my favorite Brighton days.

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  1. The tattoos look so good!! I’m glad you had a great day!

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