So quick list of what I think May will look like but it is more than likely to change any second:

  1. 29-1 Mum in Brighton
  2. 1-6 Hermans in Brighton
  3. 6 flight back to Germany 😦
  4. 7 visit friend in Hamburg
  5. 10-13 Berlin with the belgian guy
  6. rest work wrk wk

I don’t think I’ve ever been more bored at the office than I was yesterday (pretty sure I have been – is that even english?) And I didn’t go home for lunch so I had my instant oats in the basement classroom. The problem was the french girl decided to have lunch at the same time.. in the same room. So we sat across from each other in silence.. and there was no wifi. So I got home at 5 with like 20% battery. The genuis that I am I meal prepped in the morning cause I couldn’t sleep. So I veggies and sweet potato (with lots of cheese) before heading out the door again to go to class. I know I’m not THE best english speaker but the stuff we learn at CAE(!!) class is stuff I learned in 10th grade aka level B1? Like you would thing it would be harder than my A-levels in Germany but no. Take the listening for example. You have to fill out the blanks. So far so good. But the sentences are in cronological order, and are literally the same sentences as to what the guy is saying so you just have to be not deaf to do the task. (Does any of that make sense? No? okay.)

I’m writing that today because after that weird class yesterday where we learned about tools (who doesn’t know what a drill is?) I was in a rather bad mood.

Today is better because

  1. I woke up to sunshine
  2. I have raspberries on my breakfast couscous
  3. Bayern is playing against Madrid tonight
  4. I’m going to a pub (maybe- I’m going with the spanish)

At the office yesterday I planned what I’m thinging about showing my mum, the Hermans and the belgian guy. I’m such a city guide 💁🏼

And if I haven’t said it enough times before, I’m literally obsessed with pinterest. My entire dream life is being lived out on there. I have a board for everything. My newest one is called ‘summer 2018’ and has recipes for a vegetarian bbq and marmelade on it which is stuff I want to do during the summer 😍.

I had a reason I started the computer but now I’m just rambling and forgot what I actually wanted to say.

Anyway (rambling continues) I used the horse shampoo yesterday for the first time. First impression: My hair is easy to comb through, smells nice and doesn’t feel flimsy. (If that wasn’t a description for hair before, it is now).

I also had to pick up prescription medicine from boots for one of the teachers yesterday (you could provide a small hospital with that amount).

I just discovered that you can edit pictures on whatsapp before sending them! Get ready for a lot of ‘yaas’ handwritten on ugly food pictures.


25/04/2018 11:25: whhops I mihht be slightly intoxicared but Bayern lost sooo… um update tomorrow


Breakfast yesterday vs today:

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-24 at 9.12.35 PMWhatsApp Image 2018-04-25 at 7.17.06 AM(1)

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-25 at 7.17.05 AM

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