the instant food cookbook ©

Quick review of the new Apple blueberry oats:

yes I did some research for this. Yes it took me way longer than it should have. Yes I lead a sad little life.

Blue Classification Table Graphic OrganizerWhatsApp Image 2018-04-17 at 9.08.58 PM

I could not sleep tonight. Good think one of my friends is in LA so he was up and texted me back immediately at 2 am. Then I woke up at 5 again couldn’t go back to sleep so decided to take a shower and I did situps wtf. Fell asleep again and woke up at 7:30. I wasn’t hungry at all so I had a coffee and took a pot of instant oats to the office. I actually prefer this way now because a. it means I get to spent one more minute in the kitchen and b. I don’t eat an entire cake for lunch anymore because I have breakfast at 11.

For lunch I put my 2 minute rice into a frying pan. Then I choped up my last veggie schnitzel and added that. Whipped up an egg and scrammbled it into the rice. Add a handful of kale. Done. 5 minutes. Top it of with some ketchup.

I should write the ultimate instant food cook book. It would be a best seller! ©

HAHAHA I just made myself laugh out loud. I could name the book focobo™. And if you say it quick enough it sounds like fuckable. Not really but still funny.

If you couldn’t tell I have no idea what these symbols mean btw.

Whatelse……. umm work was boring af. I had amazing double chocolate mini bites which were delicious.

Dinner was delish. I had my german style rye bread with lightest cream cheese and kale and a hot chocolate (instant).

Ummmm. Oh! I applied for a job in germany cause ya girl needs money so hopefully I’ll get that one cause it’s close to my house and I’m afraid I will be bored to death when going back home which might happen anyway cause I’ve had the bestest time here. I DON’T WANNA GOOOO!!!

Evening class was fun but my teacher laughed at me hahaha. I can’t cook okay?! How should I know a recipe from the top of my head?? And there is a new beautiful human in the class. We’re 10 people. 90% of the class is spanish. He has a very good facial structure and omg them cheekbones. I wanna cry. And he talked to me omg. I’m so stupid hahah. Oh *ajajaja.

And I just got a message in the group chat if anyone fancys a beer. And I kinda do because I’m only here for 10 more days 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 but at the same time I’m really tired. Don’t know what I’ll do. Think I’ll wait if anyone else is going and then decide.



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