Holy shit I had 3 times the amount of calories I usually have. My day was going great had a nice and healthy porridge with apple for breakfast and then a coffee. For lunch it started going downhill because there was nothing else to eat in my fridge. So I had to have expired bread and a hot cross bun. (I also had a banana, carrots and houmous.) Not too healthy but acceptable.When I left the house after my lunch break to go back to the office I was really craving a bounty bar so I got one. And that was when I hit my usuall calorie intake. And I knew today was gonna be the cheat day of the century. I’ll have to not eat for the next 2 days! At 5 I made the mistake of going to Sainsbury’s, hungry. So instead of buying eggs I spent 20 pounds. That’s how my tortilla party aka 600 kcal dinner came together. So now we’re at 1800 which is where I probably should have stopped and where I would have felt horrible the next day. Nah. The thing that made it into my basket was Sainbury’s cheewy granola. They don’t have the amount of calories on the bag and now we know why. So yes I ate all 4 aka 1500 kcal. I feel horrible now I’ll feel even filthier tomorrow, I’m out 20 quid and just ate 300% (exactly) of my usual intake. shit

There won’t be any other stories of the day. If I remember tomorrow maybe I’ll talk about them a little then but for now I can barely move my fingers and I think I gained 103 pounds within the last hour. My plan was to go shopping and then to M&S after work. Ya well that didn’t quite work out.

Oh I could work out now to feel a tiny bit better but I won’t: First reason is my room which is about 2 squaremeters big. Second reason is I’m lazy.

No pictures either I just can’t. I feel sick. Why did no one tell me granola shit was that unhealthy. Well it’s probably very healthy when you don’t eat the entire bag. Somebody stop me this is not how you lose weight/ live healthy. fuck

ps. I forgot to buy eggs

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