the most unhealthy

I woke up being very tired an stuck between wanting to go out because I have holiday and want to make the best of it and just going with how I feel and chilling. It’s now half 3 and until now I chilled, don’t think I’ll do anything else today instead of watching movies. I already did my laundry and had 2 breakfasts. And then this happened: I was soo hungry but couldn’t get myself to go down and cook something nice, fresh and healthy. I don’t know why today is just one of those days. So I googles, take away places close to my home, even considering getting the kokoro sweet and sour chicken aah. But then I remembered! There’s a burger place real close. I went and looked at their menu; veggie burger 3,95. And that was my lunch. And fries. Oh and I did get the veggie deluxe, which had cheese and veggie bacon on it. So good. Ate the whole thing. Don’t think I’ve been this full in weeks. And for 5 quid in total!! Oh and a benefit of staying inside today is that I’ll hopefully feel healthy and awake tomorrow and be in a good mood to shop.

Here’s a list of movies you can fall asleep to:

  • just go with it (nothing exiting happens and you can see the ending in the thumbnail; good job netflix) (plus Adam Sandler is in it and who wants to see that, so closed eyes are included)
  • safe haven (another one of them nicholas sparks rom com things, we all know how they end)

Here’s a list of foods I ate today

  • bread with cream cheese
  • instant coffee
  • apple blueberry oats
  • burger
  • fries
  • coco pops

and I did not move today; pretty sure I gained 24 pounds

and I’m still hungry what’s wrong with me?!

and I might go for a second round of coco pops it’s now 5:25 so the day is still young

RESULTS @5:25pm:

1664 kcal (normally I eat around 1000)

2 mins active (other days it’s 70)

uncle sams (1)uncle sams (2)uncle sams (4)uncle samsScreenshot (66)

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