sunsets for the lazy

I feel like these posts are only about food, but there really isn’t much to say. I texted with all my favorite people today which makes me very happy. Here is for my future self to know who I mean: DD, LD, JM, CL, MW (bet I won’t remember who they are in three days). Oh I added last names to make it easier haha. The time at the office went by soo quickly today, because I was sent on many WHSmith runs and mailbox runs. I even had 85% battery when I went on lunch break at 2! I was still full from the biskuits that were my dinner yesterday so for brekkie I had a kiwi and an orange. Lunch was bread and a banana. And now dinner listen, I’m such a chef now. Any restaurant wanna hire me?

Oh and on one of my WHSmith runs I was supposed to buy boxes, and she gave me 30 pounds and I thought whoa that’s a lot of money for 2 boxes. I get to the check out, he scans the items and the display reads 40! 40 pounds!! And I’m like umm that’s 20 pounds for a box is that right? And he’s like yeah, as if anyone would pay that. So I go to the next shop. Same box, same size, same brand. 6.95 for a box and I got discount so 10 pounds for 2 boxes. Ha!

There’s a beautiful sunset going on outside right now. How do I know you ask?

Screenshot (65)

Anyway here is my dinner I came up with becuase I felt horrible after eating all the cookies (even tho I had anothe rone for lunch) I had a 200kcal giant plate of deliciousness. I do wish I had another biscuit now tho ugghh.

  • 100g chestnut mushrooms
  • 30g baby spinach
  • 1 egg
  • lettuce
  • 100g brown basmati rice
  • lime

did a lil editing again to procrastinate (it wednesday, it cleaning day)

Oh and I’m like so famous in the construction work commutiy now. Like all the workers in my street greet me every morning, ask how the life in the madhouse is. 😎

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