summertime sickness – lana del rey

Thanks to the time change to summertime I woke up at 6 instead of 5 woohoo, and it wasn’t even entirely black outside. My ears still hurt so I took another tablet. This morning I had the bestest breakfast. I kinda wanted something nice to make me feel better idk. The sad part is that I accidentaly burned the hot cross buns a bit, but they were still delicious. So yeah, had hot cross buns (wholemeal cuz I’m that healthy). Lots of butter, a strawberry and banana smoothie and an instant cappuccino. So good! My voice is still not quite there, but I’m being easy on it beause I don’t talk to anyone and I just keep doing little tests, like *cough,cough* and then say something. You could call it soundcheck..haha ha……. Sometimes there’s a scratchy sound but most times there’s nothing. I’m just gonna keep drinking tea and hope I won’t be mute (?) 5ever. Because I was up that early I tried learning a new skill: dutch braids. Conclusion: I can’t do it. I can’t wrap my head around the concept of putting the string of hair under the other idk.

I even put on make up today and put on real clothes (more or less because my new absolut fave jeans from topshop don’t actually fit too well because my proportions are messed up, so a hair band had to do the trick because my belt is too big). And then I never even made it to the vintage store as I had planned. This is what happened: I went towards the North Laines but to get there I pass Churchill Square, so I went in there and thought I can still go to the North Laines afterwards. I even found some nice stuff, didn’t buy anything tho but I kept going in and out of changing rooms until I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears and I was out of breath from simply walking through stores. So at that point I was in a well bad mood, and everything I liked either didn’t look good on me or it didn’t fit. Also, there is a lot of ugly stuff in stores atm what’s going on? I can’t buy everything on my list, if you (the shops) don’t sell it.

On my way back to the house I did spend 10 quid on fruits tho. So now I have oranges, a pineapple, kiwis, plums and pineapple juice, because I heard that it’s supposed to be a better cure for a cough than cough syrup, we’ll see about that. The next coughing fit is up against a glass of juice yo. Had the rest of the carrot soup from yesterday for lunch and then a GIANT portion of fruit salad. Gimme them vitamins! Now I’m just in bed doing nothing really but I’m soo exhausted but then again not enough to take a nap. ughhh.

I even started editing some pictures cuz that’s how bored I am but that’s either gonna become a weeked thing or stay a one time thing. We’ll see.

For dinner I basically had the same thing as everyday but instead of spaghetti I had COUSCOUS whoop whoop. It literally took 6 minutes to make but at the same time 6 minutes to eat so now I’m still hungry. Might go and get my giant pack of cherry tomatoes from downstairs as a lil snack..

This time change is weird to me again every year. It’s almost 7 now and the sun hasn’t even started setting. A couple weeks ago I was asleep by 7 and it was pitch black outside.

And lastly a little update on my voice. When I speak very deep, slow and quiet it kinda ”works” again. The moment that I get exited or talk normally it’s gone but it’s a progress.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-25 at 8.38.21 AMbasically normal braids 'nodutchWhatsApp Image 2018-03-25 at 3.58.49 PMWhatsApp Image 2018-03-25 at 3.58.48 PM(1)basically normal braids 'nodutch (2)Design ohne Titelbasically-normal-braids-nodutch-1.jpg

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