24 hours in germany

So I went to school on March 20th at 9 and ”worked” until about 1pm bc I had a coach booked at 2:15 to Gatwick Airport to go to Germany!! So I left the school and went to pret to get some lunch because I totally forogt to bring anything #genius, but I only had bread and sweetpotatoes at home anyway so 🤷🏼‍♀️.

I get to the Airport at 3:15 and my plane goes at 5:30 which gives me plenty of time, cause I already had my ticket and had no luggage apart from my bag. After I sit in the airplane there’s an announcement, that we’re going to be late because 30 passengers had to be evacuated, and they had to take their suitcases out of plane, before we could go. So I was 30 minutes late, which ment I missed the S-Bahn in Hamburg, so I had to wait, and couldn’t meet my freind anymore who I hadn’t seen in months because otherwise I would have missed the last bus to go home. So I waited at the busstop alone, but went to a little Döner place cause I was starving, even tho I had a wrap and 2 bananas at pret!I went and bought a falafel sandwich which was delisshh. I literally had to inhale it because I already saw the bus outside and didn’t wanna bring my of onions stinking sandwich onto a bus full of people.

While we’re on the topic of onions: I have a cold and am coughing every 2 seconds which is not only annoying for the other passengers but also meant I coughed up the smell of turkish food and no chewing gum could help it. It was not nice. So yeah the bus was 30 minutes late as well so I reached my hometown at 2:05am on March 21st. But my dad picked me up from the bus stop and I was home at 2:30 woohoo! At home I got to cuddle my little doggies which even got up from their baskets. And even my mom got up so I told them a little about my Brighton life. I say a little when in reality I went to bed at 4.

I slept until 10 and never felt better after waking up. Idk there’s something about waking up in your own bed without having a spring poking into your ribcage (that’s why I have bruises everywhere). When I went downstairs my dad had bought bread rolls, like the good german ones, before going to work and my mom had set the table. I had the BEST coffee ever, but after this british instant stuff any coffee is better lol. But like I had foam!! After eating 3! bread rolls with butter and cheese, hello calories, I went to my room to listen to music on my speaker, on full volume and SING ( I mean I can’t sing but I will when alone).

After taking a shower and getting ready I went to the grocery store, BY CAR and bought some stuff because my mom had to write an essay and I was bored. And that way I got to buy some of my favorite things, like chocolate and Club Mate which I don’t think you can get in the UK. Aka pure exitement on my half. Then my mom and I went went on a walk with the dogs and taaalked. I now have plans for the future, people. I will apply at uni in my hometown to become a teacher for english and geographie haha! We’ll see what’s gonna happen in October! But yeah some of my friends are planning on doing the teaching thing so that might be fun and also, you get 12 weeks holidays a year! Oh and of course you educate the next generations 🤓.

At around 4 we decided to have pancakes and applesauce for a late lunch. It was the best, because any food tastes better when your mom makes it. The secret is to cut up an apple into really thin slices and then put them into the batter when in the pan. Sooo delicious!

The concert was going to start at 8pm so I drove to my friends house at 5 because she had just moved and I wanted to see the new aartment, which is so pretty. The plan was to drive there at 6 by bus because admission was at 6:30, and that way we would get a good spot in the moshpit. Yes. That didn’t happen, we ended up having lots of stuff to talk about and I played darts for like 2 hours. So we drove there at 7:30 by car instead and even got a good parking spot. We thought because we were so late we could just walk right in without having to wait in line. WRONG. The line was endless but we had our winter coats with us, and we were in the venue quite quickly actually. The opening act had started already but we didn’t really like them anyway so that was alright. When we were back at the house we made plans like we’re just gonna stand in the back, we don’t need good photos, we can stand last row, it’s alright.

WRONG. We stood front row and it was great because we had thouse fence thingies in front of us so we could put our jackets on them and lean against them, that’s how old we are. The concert was great.. a bit long maybe they played well over 2 hours and during the end we went to the back because we both had kinda gone deaf right next to the giant speaker, but it was alright and I went to the merch stand and bought a poster. I brought my friend home and got home at 11:30pm myself. My parents were already asleep so I snuck into my room, packed my stuff because I had to get up at 3am the next morning to go to the airport.

My dad brought me to the airport, thank heavens because there were no trains or buses at that time of day and me and my mom planned that I drove myself to the airport while she was gonna be asleep next to me on the passenger seat.. horrible plan. I got to London 40 Minutes!!! early. Had the worst earache in the history and I’m still 89% deaf on both ears. I have no idea how that could have happened, I think it may have been the first time in history that a plane got somewhere too early. So yeah bought a coach ticket back down to Brighton and arrived at 9:45.

Now is the time to mention that I had lost my voice, because of previous loud talking at the concert, and having a cold and sore throat in general. So yeah, don’t have a voice and sound like I’ve smoked 7 packs of cigarettes in an hour, and I’m also deaf. Horrible combination. I hope I’ll be better soon because I’m on the edge of coughing up my lungs. So I go to the school at 10:30 only missed 90 minutes, and I’m very proud of myself. They were greeting me and within 1.2 minutes I had to leanr to read lips, because I really was that deaf. So I explain I can’t hear or talk, they tell me I look awful, they send me home and say I should come back on Monday (?) and I’ve been in bed ever since, eating german chocolate. What a crazy 2 days.

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