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Guess what’s back back back back again….

That’s right, Apple Blueberry Oats are back and here’s why: I got well fat the last 2 weeks because I kept eating out and basically poured every existing liquor down my throat, which by the way is not a good diet. So I thought to myself, what did I eat during the time, I felt good about my body (thanks samsung health) and the answer is apple blueberry oats and instant cappuccino.

So that’s gonna be breakfat from now on, Lunch is still the Lo Mein stuff which only has about 250kcal for a giant portion. And Idk about dinner yet bc I’m FINALLY going to see the greatest showman right after work.

I only have to be at the office later today, because I played a fun round of Ludo…aaah the logic, but hey I’m not complaining. So yeah tomorrow London, I’m going with my friend who wants to go to some techic museum or something, I hope I only have to go for like an hour and then see London.. is that bad hahah?  After that is Stonehenge and Bath which I’m well exited for bc I wanted to see Bath since last year’s interrail but my plans changed from Brighton, Bath, Edinburgh to Brighton, Amsterdam, Lille. And then on Tuesday THE DAY HAS COME I’m taking a plane to Germany to go see Kraftklub!

I already video called one of my good good friends this morning to talk about boys. That’s what we do from time to time just for advice, and basically to the other one updated in what’s happening. We did that ever since 2014 when I lived in the US and meet when we’re both in the city. So we drink coffee and give detailed descriptions of what’s going on in our lives. Mostly we go out for Brunch and empty the entire buffet while talking and talking for hours. I love it.

I’m just having breakfast now while watching a video by Niomi Smart about how to be more eco friendly and she mentioned that on the 24th of March everyone should switch of their lights which I’m gonna do! And then on the WWF website you can make a promise to the planet! So go do that. I know my explanation is probably the worst thing in history but just go watch the video, switch of the lights and make a promise.

A lot of other stuff happened but you’ll find that in tomorrows post bc this one’s already long.

My @wwf_uk #PromiseForThePlanet is to use a reusable coffee cup rather than disposable ones. Will you join me and make a promise for #EarthHourUK too?


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