this morning I made the perfect oatmeal! Because I didn’t just pour boiling hot water over my oats, but put them in a pot on the stove and poured half water half oat milk over it and then let it come to a boil, it got soo creamy. As topping I cut up two bananas and sprinkled some chia seeds on top. delicieux. (that’s french for delicious or in german köstlich 🤬 )

I really didn’t want to leave the house today, no reason really but I think I’m getting sick and it’s aso wayyyy too cold outside. My face was hurting from the cold and it was so windy I could barely walk pretty sure it took me like 5 minutes longer to get to work! I was tired all day which automatically means bad mood. I was on my phone again most of the day. Gotta say, it’s like I’m doing my internship on pinterest and canva. It really boosts my creativity tho. And I got to go to WHSmith again woohoo, by now I know where everything and find the thing I’m looking for rather quickly, which means getting to look through some magazines and still be back in time. I also did y homework for tomorrow, ha!

For lunch I had the rest of the Lo Mein again, so I gotta cook again tonight for tomorrow.. Sweetpotato something. Anyway, after my ginormous portion of noodles I was still hungry so I didn’t have one, not two but seven! corn cakes. After that I felt real bad, wasn’t hungry anymore but still in a bad mood.

Dinner was a burrito with basically everything I could find in my little fridge section. So avocado, beans, sweetcorn, spinach, lettuce, tomatoand houmous everything wrapped up in a, well wrap (-whole weat tho cause I’m just that healthy). More or less because it came out both ends, which is not what you want to happen. #professional

I also would show you the food but it looks disgusting, so just imagine!

I now am lying in bed at 6 and just rembered that it’s my turn to clean the kitchen today and I still haven’t prepared dinner for tomorrow, and I would like to curl up in a ball and frown with my music on high volume.

Oh! I totally forgot that I don’t even have time to eat tomorrow because I’m a so called group leader and I have to play lasertag with 8 boys… fun 😦

Anticipation’s not there (yet <- hopefully)

19:18 just got my first ever electric shock, unplugging my laptop.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-28 at 6.18.28 PMWhatsApp Image 2018-02-28 at 6.18.29 PM(1)WhatsApp Image 2018-02-28 at 6.18.29 PM

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