debbie’s bday and dire straits

It’s my dogs birthday today !!🐶❤️🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉  So yeah Debbie is 11 now. Crazyyyy.

this morning I had my first vegan breakfast, so I had noberry oats, instant black coffee but with oat milk, and cut up a mango! Sho healshy! I woke up at 2 or something in the middle of the night but immediately went back to sleep, yei me, and then woke up at 6. Good start to the morning. ESPECIALLY because I discovered something on spotify! So when I was like six I had one of those friendship books, everyone used to have. You know like

  • Name: __________
  • Age: ________
  • Birthday: __________
  • Favorite animal: ___________
  • Favorite movie: _______________
  • Favorite song: ________________

At that point my page said:

  • Name: Kati
  • Age: 6
  • Birthday: 23/08/1998
  • Favorite animal: dogs
  • Favorite movie: pippi longstocking
  • Favorite song: sultans of swing – Dire Straits

So yesterday I pick out some random playlist on spotify to listen to cause I was bored of mine, and that song starts playing and I’m like O M G!!! So yeah.. I’ve been listening to nothing else since then. And then this morning I look up a live version which is 10!! minutes long which made me very exited. And then the best thing ever happens: a 5 minute guitar solo. So I listened to those 5 minutes over and over for about an hour. Don’t judge me, it’ pure gold.

At work I literally had nothing to do, didn’t even go to WHSmith. So I spent 7 hours on my phone, mostly on pinterest, finding new inspo for the life I want to live, but it’s so very unrealistic that it has to be lived out on my pinboards. But who knows anything can happen… right? 😬

At 1 was lunch break. I just left. Didn’t even ask, or say anything I was too hungry. I was just about done with eating my bread when the doorbell rang, and an extremely good looking fella from the Gas company stood infront of the door. Blue eyes, dark very short hair. 👀 He was nice as well. My daily crush goes to him for sure. So yes that was a good 20 minutes, before going back to doing absolutely nothing. So I spent the next 3 hours on creating more posters, yes I was bored.

When it was 5 I basically jogged out of there and right into the kitchen, where I made dinner with my backpack still on my shoulders and boots still on my feet. Leftover rice and frozen veggies nom nom nom. I watched some more friends cause addiction part 6 has started. And at 6 went back into the kitchen to meal prep. That’s a thing now. I made chia pudding for tomorrow, but I made such a ginormous that I’ll be having chia pudding for the next 3 weeks. Put that in the fridge, and remembered that I won’t have time to cook tomorrow because I will be out from 9-9. So I prepared some Lo Mein and modified it a but. But it looks and smells absolutely delissshh I’m very exited for tomorrow. Even one of my roommates told me how good that looks! Biggest compliment ever bc I can’t actually cook. So thank you. 👩‍🍳


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