mail from nz

friday woohoo! I slept for 10 hours! Thanks pizza. That’s what I needed, I feel fantastic. It’s now 8am I’ve had my summerberries oats, my instant coffee, a bottle of water and I now am scrolling pinterest, listening to spotify. The weather is awesome and what I JUST discovered after 3! weeks, is that I can see the reflection of the i360 in my neighbor’s window.

Today, work was… special you could say. Because they had the monthly teachers meeting, I got sent to buy sandwiches. But that was not all. I had a list, with 15 different names and about 9 different sandwiches for all of them and 40 quit in my pocket, making my way to M&S. So I stand in front of the million different sandwiches for about 20 minutes going over my list at least 34 times, hoping, no praying I don’t forget anyone. After the 34th time, I make my way to the check out counter, and she starts scanning my, well, sandwiches. By the last one, the display reads: £40.00. I can’t even describe my reaction. £40 not a penny more or less.

I also created some more posters on which I kinda want to print, frame and hang on my wall. Maybe I’ll post them some time cause some of them turned out pretty cool.

I didn’t go home during lunch because I got to choose a sandwich for myself. Chose a vegan one cause I’m trying this new thing called a vegan diet. The rest of the day was pretty unspectacular and the disadvantage the sandwich brought, was that I couldn’t charge my phone and got home to 2% battery.

The last hour was horrible and I was afraid I was going to starve to death. I was in the worst mood but obviously couldn’t show it cause I was on public display. When I got home my mood changed within 0.1 seconds cause I received a letter from my sister.

She’s in New Zealand for a year, and we made a deal that we’ll only communicate through mail, like actual handwritten letters. It’s so much more special than getting a whatsapp.

I sent mine about 3 days ago I think, and now I get hers! So cool!

I put the letter, unread, and my stuff in my room, and made food. I didn’t want to read the letter while starvation might kill me in the process. So I had pasta, ketchup, carrots and celeriac (still from the soup fail). I’m still hungry now tho, don’t know what I’m going to do. aaah 😦

I just read the letter and I love it, I gotta get myself pen pals and some nicer paper to write on. What I also only now realize is how similar our letters are. Like drawings and what we write about ❤ .

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