Gin and Toni

Today first thing I did at work was plan my trip to Germany´booking flights and everything woohoo!

Oh how could I forget, I had toppings on my summerberries oats again! Strawberries and Banana and an instant latte. Delish!

I have been thinking about taking a class myself in the evening. So from 9-5 I work and then from 6-9 I take a CAE class which is like Bachelor at Uni level. So I took a test to see if I was good enough but the teachers kept telling me the class is gonna be too easy and I should rather look into city college classes for level C2. But isn’t that like mother tongue english?! I can’t do that? I can barely write these posts without google translate. Anyway we’ll see toorrow but I’ll defenitely check out the C1 class for 4 weeks.

When I went into the kitchen during lunch break my lovely italian roommate put some of her left overs onto my shelf in the fridge. Thanks for that! It was the best thing ever. Like eggplant covered in tomato sauce and then baked with cheese! So good.

For dinner I had another buddha bowl. And I tried making soup yesterday with carrots and celeriac which I went to Waitrose for in the middle of the night aka 8pm. Turns out the blender i the kitchen doesn’t work so know I’m eating it chopped up, still tastes good.

  • carrots
  • celeriac
  • scrambled egg
  • salat

I also made a new board on pinterest yesterday called ”animals I’ll own” you can check it out if you want the link is basically in the top right of this page. And within 2 days I have over 30 pins. I guess I’ll have to buy the first one soon. I’m thinking I’ll start with 2 bunnies and I have names. So one is gonna have red fur so it’ll be called ginger (obviously, but hold on the pun is coming) the other one is going to be called Antonio. Nicknames: Gin and Toni!! Get it, get it??? Like Gin and Tonic? Thank you very much.

Because there’s nothing new happening in my life atm these posts are basically about food now.

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