Keine Nacht für Kati

Now I just had my summerberries oats and instant coffee and I’m about to go off to work. I decided not put make up on today so I look about 5 years old the people are gonna think it’s bring your kid to work day.

I’m thinking about going to Germany for 24 hours to see my friends cause I’m a bit lonely here which is fine for now but I don’t know for how much longer and there’san amazing concert in my hometown which almost never happens so I might fly back for that.

Also somehow got really into german rap so watch me while I listen to Pizza by the Antilopengang about ending war.

Kaay I’m off. Hopefully I won’t kill anyone 🙂

I didn’t, and thank you internship for keeping my mind off this absolute bullsh*t. Well I went to the post office, went to WHSmith, registered new students, showed new people around, saw an incredibly hot french guy, and I got to sign certificates!

Now I’m having my second buddha bowl with left overs from yesterday, but I added avo. Note to self: always add avocado.

Still no answer from we all know who.

OH I just bought concert tickets…in Germany…on Wednesday….when I’m supposed to be at work 🙂

I’m just waiting for my boss’ okay before I book flights *fingers crossed* she’s okay with my stupid plan.

But Keine Nacht für Kati here we gooo!

The weather was absolut crap today btw. You could barely see the sea because everything was so grey.

*Update: my Boss is fine with my stupid plan woohoo. Germany here we goo (how very pathetic I’m in Brighton, exited to go to Germany)

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-19 at 6.40.31 PM

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