strawberries in February

Fell asleep at like 9 o’clock again so I woke up at 5 due to somewhat of a nightmare, where me and the belgian guy were kidnapping ringmasters and then punishing them with heavy metal music for mistreating lions and elephants in their performances. So naturally after that I could not go back to sleep. At around half seven I got up because I was hungry and remembered all the amazing groceries I had bought the day before. Also, I didn’t eat dinner last night because I did eat all 3 donuts… So breakfast was apple and blueberry oats ( obviously) BUT today I had toppings: strawberries (hell yes they only cost 2,40 wtf?!) and banana. And now it’s 10am and I’m already exited for lunch because I bought eggs!

Because the weather is finally better and the suns out I walked along the beach for a while. I bring my waterbottle everytime and then see joggers running passed me dying, starring at it. Should have brought your own water shouldn’t you?

I think I’m gonna go to the lanes later cause that was the plan for yesterday but all the shopping was exhausting and (thank you UK) the shops are open on Sundays as well.

I did go to the lanes and they are so close to my house! I had no idea. Quik story: Last year during interrail I had the best cake ever. Legit ever in my life at a place called Coffeetree in the lanes. I had very little hope that they would still sell that cake half a year later but they did so obviously I had to buy a piece. I also went into Oliver Bonas for the first time and now I wish I was rich so I could buy everything. But I ad to settle with only buying a poster called ”the sass squad” for 1,95.

Well I’m back home now and only had a tiny piece of my cake cause it’s too good to eat all at once and I’m gonna have a little every day.

That’s it for the day now (2:19) it’s time for my nap and maybe later I’ll go see the sunset- if there is one.

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