krispy kreme

I got to experience the typical british weather today: It’s been raining non stop, it’s cold and windy. Puts me in a well bad mood.

Today was my weekly grocery shop day so I went out at 10, when the shops open I made my way to Churchill Square. I have never seen all my favorie shops in just one building so you can imagine how great my mood was. I didn’t find anything I really really liked, cause I’m trying to save up some money. But I did find a sweater at Hollister and obviously had to buy some bodyspray!

Because it’s my dad’s birthday today and I’m not getting any cake I went into Krispy Kreme and bought donuts. You don’t even know how cute they are I don’t want to eat them… I did tho.. a few minutes after writing this. I also walked passed a nail salon and thought because I’m not doing any ”manual labor” during my internship, like I do at home, I’m gonna go get my nails done. So now we have extentions, gel, color, top coat etc. I don’t even remember I just know that I sat there for over an hour!

I think I’m already getting better at the grocery shopping. First off I changed shops. So instead of Waitrose I’m going to  Sainsbury’s I’m pretty sure I bought twice the amount of stuff and still payed 20 pounds. And for the first time in a week my lunch wasn’t vanilla flavoured yogurt, but (microwavable) pasta with sauce!!! Delicious.

I might go out to a pub again later today. We’ll see how the mood and fatigue are.

Update: Mood and fatigue aside, my cold has gotten worse and I got a bad headache so no pub for me but I’ll go next week.

Conclusion of the day: tiping or texting on my phone is a lot harder with extended nails!

Oh and I watched Eddie the Eagle yesterday because Taron Egerton’s accent is basically the best thing on earth. I gotta say I did not expect to hear that much german in one english movie but it was still very good! Would recommend.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-10 at 7.17.12 PM

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  1. Krispy Kreme is always a good idea! Lovely post 🙂

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