scones & cream tea

Today I only have to be at the school at 12, which is good because I don’t feel that well. I have a never ending cold! So it’s 9am and I’m still in bed about to make some apple and blueberry oats (still not sick of it!) At 2:30 I have to go to a meeting with the internship organization to talk about what I wanna achieve and how it’s going. And at 4:30 I’m going to the Mock Turtle in the Lanes to try some traditional english cream tea which I’m exited for!!

So work was pretty chill today I finished the flyers and laminated them ”to make them look shiny” and they turned out pretty cool! So I got to hang them around the school and then it was 2pm already and time for me to make my way to the office! I went the wrong way at least 5 times but discovered some epic grafiti and some very british houses on the way. I can not say it enough, I love Brighton! So I got there and told the lady I met with how it was going and filled out some evaluation sheet so I can compare my goals and hopes (and blaah) along the way and see if I’ve reached them by the end. Told her I’m very happy and that I loved Brighton nothing you don’t know.

At half 3 I was back at the school and the first thing she asks me is if I wanted to take my lunch break. I’m like I’ve inly been in today for like 2 hours and I’m having scones in an hour I think I’m good. So my new task was to make a sign for the men’s bathroom because somebody keeps steeling the air freshener. I do not understand?! Air freshener?! So from now on there’s a laminated piece of paper saying:

Please do not remove the air freshener from the toilet

At 4:30 it was time for 2 spanish girls, 1 turkish guy and me to go to the mock turtle to try the traditional english cream tea and I gotta say it’s not my favorite. I mean the combination cream and jam (jam on top!) is surprisingly delicious but the scone? I don’t know. And the tea tasted like tea so I’m glad I didn’t have to pay 5 pound for it. But it sure is filling I gotta say, I guess I won’t have my pasta at seven but maybe at 8.

ps. excuse the upside down house I didn’t wanna have another picture of the sea as my featured image.


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