Yesterday may have been the best day yet! In the morning I didn’t go the usual way but went along the beach all the way to the pier because I had same minutes spare and the weather was absolutely beautiful- today it’s raining. I think we jinxed it by saying that the day I came there was only sunshine.

At the school I got to design flyers for different events and look up must- sees  and dos in Brighton which was interesting cause now I know what I want to see and do. So I sat doing that for 8 hours, didn’t even want to take my break because it was so much fun!

Oh and during lunch break I paid 3,95 for a stupid sandwich. On saturday I’m gonna go grocery shopping again cause no I know that I could actually live off 20 pounds a week which means I can afford a little luxury now and then- like an avocado!                  Yesterday one of my roommates gave me salt which is the best present she could have given me because now my pasta tastes amazing.

In the evening the other intern invited me to go to a pub later with another friend of his. So we met at 9 and walked basically to Keptown where we found an awesome pub,called sidewinder, where you can sit outside with those heating things and blakets! Really cozy really nice. And they had colourful lights! When I heard they had banana beer it was my favourite place instantly, they were out yesterday but that only gave me a reason to come back, and I had a guiness. Afterwards we walked home along the sea and a lot of drunk british teens were yelling in the background as we fought our way against the wind.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-09 at 7.08.29 AM(1)

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