nothing but snow

I made the commitment yesterday and bought the big box of apple-blueberry instant oats. We’ll see how much time it takes for me to get sick of them! But for now I’ll enjoy my instant Cappuccino and instant oats.

Well got back from work and all I did between nine and five was this: organize folders for 30 minutes and go on my lunch break. That’s it.

The other 390 minutes I wrote down everything I wanna see in Brighton, then London, then Scotland. Time just would not pass, but I got quite the list now so on the weekend first point on my list: the lanes.

Because I told myself that I only have to buy groceries once a week, which I alredy broke with my giant oat purchase, I’m now living of, well, oats and rice – with ketchup. Which is, if the other option is starving, not even that bad.

Tomorrow is the last day of the other intern which hopefully means that I get to do stuff in friday, so that time will be over more quickly and I finally speak some english! So yes that’s all that happened right now I’m just waiting for everyone in the house to eat there dinner so I may clean the kitchen afterwards. (we have a schedule)

Oh! And it was snowing today but then it was like 30 degrees in the sun so it melted obviously and I went outside without my coat. Welcome to Febuary in Brighton.




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