Today is the first day that I’m properly starting my internship at the language school. My sleeping schedule is kind of messed up but I’m not complaining because this way I’m sleeping from 9 to 6 so I wake up even before the seagulls and it’s all quiet. I have to be at the school at 9 which gives me plenty of time to to lie in bed and then get ready. I’m trying to get into a healthy routine where I don’t have to rush and get everything done peacefully. The fact that I’m writing this at 7:42 whilst having breakfast makes me really happy. I’m also watching a really cool video by Jinti Fell on YouTube, she lives in a van, traveling around Australia aka the actual goal!

It was one of my roomate’s birthday yesterday so there’s an apricot tart in the kitchen which will be my lunch! Well gonna get ready now and then I’m off to work- I’m such a grown up! And a big problem is going to be all the shops I have to pass to get there, like Urban Outfitters and Topshop ugh!

Well as the title says it’s a nine to five job which means that I get home at around half 5 which also means that I’m hungry, on the edge of hangry, which makes food a priority. And then the blogging has to be moved further back.

Anyway, first day of being an intern was fine, at times quite boring cause there wasn’t much to do and so they had to come up with tasks for us to do like clearing out old folders. And we had to walk around classrooms promoting an event which is called ”english cream tea” which is a ”traditional english thing, similar to afternoon tea, consisting of scones, cream and jam which you consume between four and five pm. Oh and don’t forget the tea of course! The biggest discussion of the day was whether the jam or cream goes on top. The jam of course.. for the aesthetic. No other reason.

So I got off at five, missed the sunset, went to Sainsbury’s, bought Apples and Oats. Thinking about it now, I wish I had bought some chocolate but I’m too lazy to go out again so I’ve decided to have pizza tomorrow because of all the brown rice and vegetables I’ve consumed. So yes, that’s all didn’t take any pictures today cause who wants to see a computer screen full of names that no one can pronounce.


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